24 January 2023 - 13:02
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Pardis Petchem Co. Top Export-Oriented Firm in Iran

TEHRAN (Shana) -- Due to its brilliant performance in the field of product export, Pardis Petrochemical Company won the title of the country's top export-oriented company in the calendar year of 1401 which began on March 21.

According to Pardis Petrochemical Company, in the 25th conference introducing the top 100 companies of the country (IMI100), which was held on Monday in the presence of high-ranking executives and representatives of 100 top economic and industrial companies in the country, Pardis Petrochemical Company was introduced as Iran's top export-oriented firm among 500 largest Iranian enterprises due to its successful and unique performance in the field of ammonia and urea product exports.

In the certificate of appreciation of this ceremony, which was presented to the CEO of Pardis Petrochemical Company in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Industry, it is stated: “The honorable executives and employees of Pardis Petrochemical Company, who, with determination, ambition and relying on their abilities, succeeded in winning the title of the top export-oriented company in IMI100, are appreciated.”

In this conference, which was organized by the Industrial Management Organization, the top 100 companies of the country were introduced according to 33 profitability and sales indicators among the top 500 enterprises.

In the last fiscal year, Pardis Petrochemical Company managed to register a record of $1.3 billion dollars in product exports, which has grown by 104% compared to the same period the preceding year.

119% increase in operating income, 100% increase in net profit, 289% growth in the hard currency of ammonia exports, and 85% growth in the hard currency earnings of urea exports have been other success factors of Pardis Petrochemical Company in gaining the title of Iran's top export-oriented company.

News Code 467703


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