A) Introduction; Necessities and Fields of Activity
Specialized information dissemination centers are playing an invaluable role through presenting expert-level, technical, and comprehensive information, news, and reports.
The great developments in the fields of information technology (IT) over the last decade of the 20th century are indicative of a new feature for a new era. Now at the advent of the 21st century, the emphasis is on circulating information appropriately and rapidly and not just collecting it. The circulation of inter-organizational and other information particularly in complex sectors like oil and energy industries is as important as the flow of healthy blood in physical organism.
Since the absence of a dynamic information center in Iran’s oil and energy industries was palpable, the Petroenergy Information Network (with SHANA standing for its Persian acronym) was established in collaboration with a group of media pundits and support of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum in 2002.
Accurate, reliable, and fast dissemination of information about main national and international developments in the energy sector, publication of special issues and specialized periodicals on oil, gas, petrochemical, and other sources of energy, and participation in organization of seminars as well as their news coverage and promotional announcement are among the main jobs of PIN.
 B) Goals
1. Disseminating precise, authentic, and latest information about developments in energy sector
2.   Speeding up smooth circulation of information about energy sector
3.   Facilitating access to news on oil and other energy carriers
4.   Making a suitable room for offering critique and expert-level views
5.   Publishing sorted specialized information according to readers’ tastes and tendencies
6.   Preparing the ground for online exchange of views between energy experts and pundits
7.   Translating and publishing the latest articles, photos, and stories of reliable foreign periodicals as well as the outcomes of research and forecasts of active national and international energy scientific-research institutes
8.   Producing, compiling, and publishing news pictures and videos on developments in energy sector
9.   Offering basic and up-to-date information about different issues of energy sector
10.  Introducing national and international energy periodicals, books, companies, and institutes
11. Presenting the latest technical information to energy experts
 C) Newsgroups
PIN publishes its produced news and information in categorized newsgroups of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, International, and Refining & Distribution. The new software of PIN helps find the classified news through an advanced search. The newsgroups of PIN include the following subgroups:
1.   Oil: General, Technology, Exploration, Production
2.   Gas: General, Refinery, Gas Supply, Transfer and Storage
3.   Petrochemical: General, Complex, Trade, Technology
4.   International: OPEC & Non-OPEC Producers, Oil & Gas Markets, Consumers, Gas Developments in Iran & World
5.   Refining & Distribution: General, Refinery, Transfer & Distribution, Consumption.

In addition, the telex of the site independently works and deals with general news of Ministry of Petroleum, National Iranian Oil Co., National Iranian Gas Co., National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Co., and National Petrochemical Company.

 D. Managerial Principles, Establishment and Organizational Charter

1. Council-based policy-making in the area of information dissemination through three channels: High-level, intermediary, and executive.
2. Development capability without requiring repeated structural changes
3. Attention to significance of information dissemination for energy managers and policy-makers
4. Concentration on application of computer network by using the internet with an aim to accelerate and simplify communication as well as establishment of a data bank
5. Stress on activities in the areas of information dissemination, culture-building, and public census through creation of an specialized branch of research
6. Benefiting from viewpoints of independent academics and media experts and pundits to promote the quality of news products
7. Organization and concentration of information dissemination activities with emphasis on transparency, timeliness and accuracy
8. Adjusting of the events with the real needs and applied experiences
9. Great emphasis on activating visual news

 E. Professional Principles and Values

1. Employment of professional work force and experts in the various fields of energy
2. Conducting independent professional activities in line with national interests
3. Emphasis on ensuring free flow of news and information in the field of energy
4. Attempts to prepare the ground for exchange of views and clash of ideas between energy experts and pundits
5. Interaction with mass media family
6. Cooperation with Public Relations Departments without trying to interfere in their affairs

Managing Editor:

                 Ali Fouzandeh

Editor-in-Chief, Iranian Ministry of Petroleum Media Outlets

                 Parastoo Yonchi

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