19 May 2024 - 14:40
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Minister of Petroleum Launching 6 Oil Projects Today

SHANA (Tehran) - Iranian Minister of Petroleum, Javad Owji, arrived in the northwestern province of Eastern Azerbaijan to inaugurate the operation of a number of oil refining projects today, 19 May.

The projects will come on stream in the presence of the Iranian president, Ibrahim Raisi, who has already travelled to the province to take part in inauguration ceremony of a joint hydroelectric project along with his counterpart from Azerbaijan Republic, Elham Aliyev.

Four oil refining projects that will come online today comprise Tabriz refinery’s improving the quality of its produced gasoil, a project to purify hydrogen streams (pressure swing adsorption (PSA), a sulphur recovery project as well as a project related to recycling of gases at the end of TGT sulfur unit with total investment of 120 million euros.

Tabriz refinery’s improving gasoil quality project will increase the euro-5 gasoil production capacity of the refinery from 2 to 5 million liters per day.

 In addition to 4 refining projects, inauguration of a 222 kilometers pipeline from Tabriz to Oromyyeh will facilitate oil products conveyance between the two cities.  The pipeline’s construction started 18 years ago but faced some uncertainties until the 13th administration which took office in August 2021, decided to complete the pipeline.

 The pipeline is able to transmit 65 thousand barrels of oil products on a daily basis, saving 12 million liters of gasoil burnt by tanker trucks each year to carry oil products on roads.

Tabriz-Khoi-Oromyyeh oil products pipeline construction has been carried out by the National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company (NIOEC) by relying on Iranian experts capabilities. The pipeline connects Tabriz oil refinery to Shahid Solimani oil storage facility in Oromyyeh city with storage capacity of 120 million liters of oil products.  

Similarly, the executive operations of Tabriz refinery’s fuel oil refining plan will start today. The plan aims to reduce fuel oil usage to less than 10 percent of the processing feeds as well as reducing the sulfur content of the product while improving the quality of all the oil products of the refinery to euro-4 and euro-5 standards.

Tabriz oil refinery's fuel oil treatment plan will be implemented with an investment of one billion and 700 million euros, with the aim of creating added value in the products of this refinery.

Tabriz oil refinery, with refining capacity of 115 thousand barrels of oil per day, is one of the most important oil refineries of the country in view of securing sustainable needs of the northwest of the country to fuel.

The refinery was launched in 1978 for the first time with refining capacity of 80 barrels of oil per day but it has been renovated 3 times with the aim of upgrading the quality of its oil products.   

The 13th administration plans to upgrade the quality of oil products at the country’s oil refineries in order to fulfil the law of clean air for all.

News ID 641956


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