Owji Receives Views of Iranian Companies During Visit to Oil Show

SHANA (Tehran) - Iran Petroleum Minister Javad Owji paid a visit to the 28th Iran International Oil, Gas, ‎Refining and ‎Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show 2024), on Wednesday to receive the views of Iranian companies along with visiting their achievements.

13A Platform Operational by Yearend

Owji was briefed at the booth of the Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarters (KAA) about the progress of the oil projects being done by the group and said the 13A platform of the South Pars joint gas field, which is being repaired by the KAA, should be put into operation by yearend (March 20, 2025).

The representative of the KAA told Owji that the platform with four wells will be operational by the end of this [Iranian] year.

The KAA representative pointed to the development plan of Azadegan field as one of the other oil projects being implemented by the group and added the Pump House No.1 of the Goureh-Jask oil pipeline is ready for launch.

Another project being implemented by the KAA in the oil industry sector is the construction of Mehr-e Khalij Fars Petro-refinery Company, which will increase the refining capacity of the country as being operational this year. 

Recording Achievements of 13th Administration 

The achievements of the Petroleum Ministry of the 13th Administration should be recorded in the Oil Industry Museum, Owji said during his visit to the booth of the Department of Documents and Museums of the Oil Industry.

“Since the Iranian year of 1400, major events have taken place in the industry in the upstream and downstream sectors, therefore, one of the duties of oil industry museums is to record these events and provide information about them,” the minister noted.

The representative of the department also said in response to the minister that in the Ministry of Petroleum of the 13th Administration, the establishment of the Oral History Department of the oil industry as a subsidiary of the department has been prioritized.

Petroleum Ministry Supports Domestic Producers 

The representative of Fratek company addressed the petroleum minister during his visit to the company’s booth and said one of the important projects of the company is the production of seamless steel pipes.

“It has been more than two years since the launch of a production plant of the type of pipes with an annual capacity of 3,000 kilometers has been put into operation in Sepidan of Fars Province.”

 The first contract for the production of the pipe model has just been signed with the National Iranian South Oil Company.

Appreciating all the first-time manufacturers of the basic goods of the oil industry, the Minister of Petroleum emphasized that his ministry in the 13th Administration will fully support all domestic manufacturers. 

Installation of Largest Distillation Towers 

During Owji’s visit to the Machine Sazi Arak’s booth, the representative of the company said that the Machine Sazi Arak is currently involved in the construction of three petrochemicals, namely Petrokimia, Dana and Siraf, adding that “The largest petrochemical distillation towers in Iran, 132 meters high, are currently being installed in these petrochemicals.”

Currently, the company is also actively involved in the construction of above-ground facilities in Bibi Hakimeh Field and Nargesi Field development projects. 

More Trust in Domestic Manufacturers 

The representative of RAL company, which is active in the field of hyperbaric welding, told the petroleum minister that all the technologies necessary for underwater welding have been indigenized during the last three years in the absence of foreign companies.

“In recent years, we have cooperated in the maintenance and repair projects of underwater facilities and platforms in South Pars and other oil and gas fields in the Persian Gulf.”

Cooperation With Russian Firms 

The petroleum minister also visited the booth of the IOID company as the representative of the company said 10 percent of the development project of the Cheshmekhosh oilfield is being done by our company in cooperation with the Russian ZN Vostok company.

“Also, in cooperation with the Chinese company Sinopec, we manage the production of all oil wells in Azadegan oil field.” 

More Active Domestic Offshore Drilling Fleets 

In visiting the booth of Tadbir Drilling Company, Owji stated that the company has four onshore drilling rigs and it is better to activate its fleet in the offshore drilling sector as soon as possible. 

$100m Support to Rail Transportation Sector 

The minister visiting the Iran Fuel Conservation Company booth emphasized that it is better to double the activities of this company in the field of optimization, transportation, power plants and major industries.

“During the last year, suitable works have been carried out in the field of fuel consumption optimization in the field of engine houses of government buildings, so we should expand this work to major industries as the biggest energy consumers of the country.”

In response to Owji, the representative of the company said that so far in the 13th Administration, a sum of $100 million has been paid to the country’s intra-city and extra-city rail transportation to reduce fuel consumption.

“In the upcoming three months, another $100 million will be paid by the company to the country’s railway sector for reduction of fuel consumption.” 

Facilities for NTBFs 

The minister visited the Oil Industry Research and Technology Fund booth where the representative of the fund briefed him that the fund has provided more than 7 trillion tomans of facilities to new technology-based firms (NTBFs).

“Currently, 250 NTBFs directly cooperate with us in the field of first-time production. In the 13th Administration, the number of NTBFs cooperating with this fund has doubled and the first domestic LC will be opened for these companies in order to finance their projects in the oil industry.”

Pointing out that some NTBFs that have used the facilities of the Oil Industry Research and Technology Fund are now active in reactivation of low-yielding oil wells, he clarified: The first well in the oil industry has been restored in Arvand Oil and Gas Company with a capacity of 2,000 barrels per pay.

Since August 2021, the number of NTBFs in the oil industry was 150 companies, and the figure has now reached 670 companies, Owji said. “Currently, a pact of $1 billion in the form of 1,000 contracts has been signed with the companies, and we are looking towards domestic NTBFs to realize our goals.”

The minister said Iran’s oil industry under the condition of sanctions has succeeded to gain 85-percent self-sufficiency in the production of equipment and goods it needs.

In addition to 1,500 Iranian firms, a sum of 250 companies from 12 countries have taken part in Iran Oil Show 2024, whose motto is “Petroleum industry, production leap and technological optimization”.‎

Participants from the upstream, intermediate and downstream sectors of the oil industry, along with associations and unions of oil industry equipment manufacturers, first-time producers NTBFs are showcasing their achievements in the Iran Oil Show 2024, which is the most important Iranian event related to the oil industry.

Inaugurated on Wednesday, the exhibition will be open to visitors at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground every day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (0530 to 1230 GMT) until Saturday.

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