6th Meeting of Iran-Austria Energy Working Group Held via Videoconference

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The sixth meeting of the Iran-Austria Energy Working Group under the responsibility of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum was held on Wednesday, December 9, via video conference.

The meeting of the Iran-Austria Energy Working Group was held with emphasis on renewable energies in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Energy, Presidential Development Cooperation Center, Fuel Consumption Optimization Company, Renewable Energies Organization and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization, Renewable Energies Association, the Electricity Syndicate and the MAGFA company and the representatives of the relevant Austrian organizations and companies.

Also Stefan Schultz, Austrian Ambassador to Tehran, and Abbas Bagherpour Ardekani, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Vienna, addressed the meeting.

Special guests from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the International Solar Alliance (ISA) were also present in the video call.

In his address, Mr. Schultz underlined the impact of the US sanction on trade between the two countries, saying that he the term sanctions was misleading in that it conveyed acceptance of the illegal dimensions of the wrongdoing against the Iranian nation by imposing unilateral sanctions on Tehran by the US.

He also said, “We don't know when the COVID-19 pandemic ends. We don’t know how it will end. At present, we can only speculate about this long-term political and economic impacts of the pandemic. It's a unique situation… Economic operators can make employment and income from our citizens, and they generate the necessary tech space to fund state expenditures… Iran, this year, has been faced with the double challenge of COVID-19 and the toughest sanctions ever imposed on any country.”

“So many of us use the term sanction in a misleading way. When you look at it from an abstract perspective, it implies an admission of wrongdoing by an entity against another. I therefore, personally prefer the term ‘trade blockade’ as it ignored the loss of legal justification and it describes the negative impact it has on Iran and its people. The trade blockade as we are painfully aware of because of a lack of transaction channels, extends to pharmaceuticals and schools. Despite all odds, Iran has done remarkably well, thanks to its economic operators and its economic government. And I congratulate you on that. I'm often asked the question from my colleagues in Vienna, how the supply situation is, and whether there's any shortage of boots tooth paste or washing powder and my obvious answer is always no. In fact, so many domestically produced new consumer products are not sold at competitive prices.”

“Although substitution can have negative effects on long term development, it does increase employment and the demand for local goods,” he went on to add.

Elsewhere in the meeting, Mr. Ardekani delivered a speech.

He expressed confidence that the discussions would come up with a range of results or outcomes to shape the future of joint plans and measures between Iran and Austria.

“I also hope that this current situation that is globally overshadowed by COVID-19 will be eased and the normal daily life all around the world, including Iranians and Austrians, will be restored,” he added.

The official also said, “We are glad that within the framework of the roadmap for economic relationships between the two countries, this working group is one of the most active joint ones that has played an important role in finding common areas on both sides for working together.

He said the role and functions of the joint working groups in the constructive interaction and developing cooperation between the governmental institutions, as well as business enterprises of both countries, is undoubtedly of great importance.

The 5th meeting of the Iran-Austria Energy Working Group was held in Vienna from 14 to 17 January, 2019.

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