30 July 2016 - 16:34
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Company Resumes Activity after Fire

TEHRAN, July 30 (Shana) – Head of Bistoon Petrochemical Company Mohammad-Reza Karam says his company has resumed activity after a fire in its storage tank on Friday.

Karam told Shana that production of linear alkyl benzene is underway after several hours of disruption.

He said fortunately the fire left no death toll and did not affect production of the facility.

Bistoon Petrochemical Company manufactures and markets chemicals and petrochemicals including linear alkyl benzene and heavy alkylate. The company also constructs and operates plants for production of petrochemicals. It lies on Karbala Highway and in vicinity of Kagieh village and 15kms east of Kermanshah. 

He said presence of Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Managing Director of National Iranian Petrochemical Company Marzieh Shahdaie was effective and her recommendations were highly influential.

He also thanked forces in other parts and managing directors of different companies for timely presence at the site of the incident and said firefighters are still in the area to act when necessary.

Managing Director of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Marzieh Shahdaie said on Friday that cause of fire in the storage tank of Bistoon Petrochemical Company will be made clear and brought to the public information.   

Shahdaie told Shana that now that fire has been put off, the cause of it should be found out in presence of experts and HSE officials, then announcing it to the public through media.

She said thanks to support and assistance of regional petrochemical offices, refineries and other industries in Kermanshah Province the fire was curbed.

“Now the fire is extinguished and no danger threatens the region; however, through on-call forces, the region is controlled so that upon eruption of likely incident it will be contained; but now it can be said for sure that fire has been extinguished and contained,” she added.

Deputy Governor of Kermanshah Province Reza Rahimi said on Friday that fire in Bistoon Petrochemical Company's storage tank was fully contained.

Rahimi told Shana, "Now it can be said for sure that fire in Bistoon Petchem Facility is fully curbed. Operations to spray foam and keep neighboring tanks cool will continue for next hour."

He said the relief workers and fire fighters are in the area for the purpose.

Managing Director of Fire Fighting Organization in Kermanshah Province Hojjatollah Jahanbakhshi said on Friday that fire in the Company's storage tank was contained for second time.

Jahanbakhshi said now, cooling down and foam spraying operations are underway to fully bring the fire under control. 

Based on related reports, the Crisis Council convened in western province of Kermanshah on Friday, presided over by Deputy Minister of Petroleum Marzieh Shahdaie.

Shahdaie on Friday headed to the site of the incident to obtain firsthand account of the fire.

Director of the Production Control Department at National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Bosaqzadeh had told Shana that thanks to efforts of all organs and firefighters the fire was put off.
Director General of the Crisis Management Headquarters in Kermanshah Province Mahmoudian had said on Friday that four provinces in vicinity of Kermanshah Province have been dispatched to the area where fire in Bistoon Petrochemical Company broke out.

Mahmoudian told TV that the provinces are heading towards the site on order of the governor general of Kermanshah Province.
News Code 266017

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