29 July 2016 - 18:30
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Governor: Relief Operations Underway to Check Spread of Fire

TEHRAN, July 29 (Shana) – Governor of Kermanshah Province Fazlollah Ranjbar said on Friday that relief workers are in efforts to prevent spread of fire in one of the storage tanks of Bistoon Petrochemical Company of Kermanshah to other storage tanks of the facility.

Ranjbar said presently, all the relief workers, consisting firefighters, the Islamic Republic Red Crescent Society, and the relief workers of the petrochemical facility of Bistoon, are at the area to contain the fire.

He said technical cause of the incident is under investigation and it will soon be publicized by officials of Bistoon Petchem Co.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of the Islamic Republic Red Crescent Society (RCS) for Relief and Rescue Affairs Jahangir Pour-Hassan told IRNA that now, 50 of the RCS relief workers are involved in fire extinguishing operations.

Pour-Hassan said a RCS helicopter is prepared for rescue operations and it will be used if necessary.

Deputy Minister of Petroleum for Petrochemical Affairs Marzieh Shahdaie left Tehran for Kermanshah on Friday on reports of fire in Bistoon Petrochemical Company's storage tank.

Shahdaie is said heading to the site of the incident to obtain first hand account of the fire.

Efforts are underway to contain the fire.

Director of the Production Control Department at National Petrochemical Company (NPC), Ali-Mohammad Bosaqzadeh, said on Friday that nothing threatens Bistoon Petrochemical Company as a result of fire.
Bosqazadeh briefed Shana on details of the inferno and said it has left no serious damage or death toll.
He said the fire is now fully controlled.

He added that fire in the Light End storage tank of the facility had been caused due to fire discrepancy but thanks to the timely efforts of forces in the area, it is getting controlled and contained.

He noted that repair operations on the storage tank had ended just one week ago and now for more safety, other storage tanks in the periphery, being on fire, are getting cooled down.

He provided assurances that the fire will not cause any danger.

The official said static electricity in the storage tank had been possibly the cause of fire. "The firefighting squad of Kermanshah Petrochemical Facility, Kermanshah Polymer Facility, Kermanshah Refinery and other regional forces have been dispatched to the HSE Unit of Bistoon Petrochemical Company to provide any kind of help and assistance."

Governor of Kermanshah Province Fazlollah Ranjbar said on Friday that fault in the power transmission system had been the cause of inferno in Bistoon Petrochemical Company on Friday.

Ranjbar told Shana that early estimates show discrepancy in the power system of the unit had resulted in fire in one of the storage tanks in the facility.

He said the Islamic Republic Red Crescent Society personnel, firefighters and fire extinguishing staff of Bistoon thermal power plant are now busy trying to contain the fire.

He hoped that the fire will be totally extinguished shortly through assistance of the staff of the Bistoon petchem company.

The governor said the fire occurred in a storage tank of basic materials of the company.

Bistoon Petrochemical Company lies on Karbalan Highway and in vicinity of Kagieh village and 15kms east of Kermanshah.
News Code 265956

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