1 July 2024 - 15:25
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Lasting Energy Imbalance Could Be Dangerous

SHANA (Tehran) - We can overcome the energy imbalance in the country by cooperating with knowledge-based companies, collecting different ideas, and considering energy conservation as a priority, the deputy minister of petroleum for engineering, research, and technology said.

Speaking at an optimization energy consumption solutions ceremony, Vahidreza Zaidifar introduced energy imbalance and energy efficiency as two important priorities of the country adding “Since the Supreme Leader of The Islamic Revolution has notified the policies of the reforming energy consumption patterns in 2010, numerous suggestions have been raised about energy imbalance and optimizing energy consumption.

He continued: In case of enforcing the Supreme Leader guidelines, the country should not have been in the current situation, he said, adding “Today everyone feels the danger of energy imbalance and without finding a solution, the country will be facing deep crises in the future.  

Referring to Ibrahim Raisi's emphasis on optimizing energy consumption, Zaidifard said that the late president was the only president who used to take part in the meetings of the Supreme Commission of Energy personally, pursuing energy imbalance issues in meetings with high-ranking Petroleum Ministry officials.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said: we support all technological entities and owners of ideas who can help us to optimize energy consumption.

Furthermore, we have considered appropriate ways for commercializing those ideas and putting them into action, he said.

News ID 643694


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