Iran’s oil sector economic growth indicator of sanctions failure: MP

SHANA (Tehran) – The oil sector’s economic growth in the previous Iranian calendar year (ending March 19) shows that the sanctions imposed on the industry have failed, said a member of the Parliament.

Talking to SHANA, Jafar Qaderi added the government’s successful measures in the oil and gas sector were the outcome of right and timely decisions.

Describing the oil and gas sector’s economic growth as the driver of the country’s economic development, the MP said the enemies’ sanctions cannot put restrictions on Iran’s oil and gas industry.

The 13th administration’s successful performance in the oil and gas sector has helped neutralize the sanctions and achieve economic growth in the industry, he pointed out.

Iran has managed to use the capacities of new markets such as Venezuela and other countries having refineries, mentioned the lawmaker, continuing “we built extraterritorial refineries, overhauled refineries in Africa and Latin America, and paved the way for exporting oil”.

Qaderi, who is a member of the Parliament’s Plan and Budget Committee, said, “Relying on active diplomacy in different sectors, we have developed good markets and started to make products inside the country.”

The country has recently set new oil export records, stated the legislator, adding the development of Phase 11 of the South Pars gas field by the Iranian contractors has helped move toward maximum extraction from the joint field.

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