26 December 2022 - 15:55
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Iranian Researchers Advance Petchem Technique

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The researchers of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, succeeded in modeling, optimizing and designing primary burners to provide the heat energy required for the endothermic reaction of methanol production from natural gas in the country's petrochemical industry using numerical analysis.

Alireza Jalali, a faculty member of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Tehran University, stated that by modifying the burners and installing new burners, the cost of natural gas consumption in Marjan Petrochemical Plant has decreased by IRR 250 billion per month, and stated: “Methanol production is a petrochemical item that is obtained from natural gas by performing successive chemical reactions.”

He explained: “Methanol production reactions from natural gas are endothermic, and the heat of these reactions is carried out in furnaces and with the combustion of fuels available on site using different oxidants, including ambient air, inside burners.”

Considering the importance of providing heat and accurate control of heat in different parts of reactors, burners are one of the main tools in advancing the goals of chemical units, he added.

In the methanol petrochemical unit, the quality of natural gas conversion is directly dependent on the temperature inside the chamber and its proper distribution throughout the furnace space.

Jalali said during the first step in a research project commissioned by Marjan Petrochemical Company and by faculty members of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Tehran University, the burners of the primary furnace for methanol production were redesigned.

He considered the purpose of this redesign to change the structure of the existing burners in such a way that the excess gases of the process, which normally enter the atmosphere as pollutants, are returned to the burner and used as fuel.

News ID 466581


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