30 October 2022 - 14:19
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Tehran, Moscow to sign Cooperation Roadmap

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The deputy of international affairs and trade of the Minister of Petroleum said the cooperation roadmap between Iran and Russia would be signed at the meeting of the 16th joint economic commission of the two countries.

Ahmad Asadzadeh, in an exclusive interview with the Shana, stated that more than 10 working groups will be formed in this round of the meeting of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia, adding: "All the institutions of the country are present in this meeting and are negotiating with the corresponding institutions of Russia."

Referring to the documents that are being negotiated in these joint working groups, he said: “These documents include a main protocol document and a road map document, which we are trying to include in the main protocol document, the rules governing the economic relations of the two sides and the laws that facilitate this relationship; we have included important plans and projects that are under negotiation in the roadmap document.”

Explaining the previous meetings between Iran and Russia, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum for International Affairs and Trade said: “In the past year, several delegations from Russia and Iran negotiated with each other in Tehran and Moscow.”

Asadzadeh stated about the importance of the recent round of the meeting of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia: “The importance of this round of the meeting is that it includes all dimensions of cooperation between Iran and Russia, from cultural cooperation to social cooperation, work, science and technology, and economy. Therefore, the community that exists in this round of the joint commission meeting has not been in other meetings.”

He pointed out the dimensions of the road map and added: “In the road map document, we are trying to include the important items of each project, such as specifying the officials of each project in each side, and setting time targets for that, and how long each plan should be completed. Finally, this event gives coherence to economic cooperation.”

The deputy of international affairs and commercial affairs of the minister of oil stated that during this period we defined several cooperations in the oil and gas sector with Russia and explained: Various projects were developed during this period; We defined a roadmap document for long-term cooperation in the oil and gas sector with Russia, which has two main appendices; One of these appendices, which fortunately was activated, is the appendice of the cooperation of Iran's National Oil Company with Russia's Gazprom. Another appendix is ​​the cooperation between the two countries in the field of science and technology in oil and gas.

Asadzadeh clarified: We have proposed the road map document to the Russian side, which we hope will be finalized and signed in this joint commission. If this document is signed, coherence, integration and balance will prevail in the set of economic activities of the two countries and bilateral relations.

The 16th meeting of the joint economic commission of Iran and Russia will be hosted by Russia from today to Tuesday.

Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji is the head of the Iranian delegation of this joint commission, and Alexander Novak, the deputy prime minister of Russia, is also the head of the Iran-Russia joint commission from Russia.

In the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia, representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum, Foreign Affairs, Economy and Finance, Roads and Urban Development, Energy, Science, Research and Technology, Agricultural Jihad, Sports and Youth, Communications and Information Technology and representatives from the Presidency, the Council of Ministers Islamic, Armed Forces Headquarters, Supreme Council of Commercial, Industrial and Special Economic Zones, Atomic Energy Organization, Central Bank, National Development Fund, National Standards Organization, Chamber of Commerce and Iran Business Center are present in Russia, and they are in expert dialogue with their counterparts to formulate Cooperate documents.

News ID 463477


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