Turkmenistan Seeking more Gas Swap to Azerbaijan, Neighboring Countries

TEHRAN (Shana) – The Iranian Minister of Petroleum said: "In a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet for Oil and Gas Affairs of Turkmenistan, the other side asked us to increase gas swaps to Azerbaijan and other neighboring countries, to which we announced our readiness."

Javad Owji on Tuesday (June 14) after meeting with Shahin Abdul Rahmanov told reporters that the 13th administration has made good achievements in the field of energy diplomacy over the last 10 months, saying: “In the first months of this administration, a gas swap agreement was signed from Turkmenistan to the Republic of Azerbaijan through Iran, and currently 1.5 to 2 billion cubic meters of gas is being swapped annually.”

He underlined his recent visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan in line with strengthening energy diplomacy, and said: "During this visit, the Azerbaijani side asked us to double the gas swap from Turkmenistan, which was welcomed by Iran."

The Minister of Petroleum continued: "In a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet for Oil and Gas Affairs of Turkmenistan, the Turkmen side also asked us to increase gas swaps to Azerbaijan and other neighboring countries, and we announced our readiness."

Referring to the existence of the necessary infrastructure and extensive gas transmission network in the country to increase the swap, Owji said: "While negotiating with the Turkmen side the increase of the gas swap, one of the highlights of my talks with the Turkmen official was the revival of the Turkmen gas export contract with Iran.”

He stated that the payment of Iran’s gas dues to Turkmenistan is one of the topics of talks today, adding: “According to the negotiations, the receivables from the gas exports to Iraq for gas debts will be transferred from Iraq to the account of the Turkmen side.”

Referring to Turkmenistan's decision to develop its oil and gas fields, the Minister of Petroleum added: “Considering the capabilities of Iranian companies to develop oil and gas fields, we announced our readiness to the Turkmen side in the field of export of technical and engineering services, development of oil and gas fields, construction of petrochemical units and petro-refineries by Iranian companies.”

Owji said that the export of petroleum and petrochemical products, as well as the catalysts needed in the industry, as another focus of talks with the Turkmen official, and said: "Our proposal was fortunately welcomed by the Turkmen side."

Active Diplomacy in Latin America

Emphasizing that Iran's energy diplomacy in Latin America has been very active in recent months, he said: “At present, good events and contracts have been signed and are being formed in the field of the export of crude oil and petroleum products, the export of technical and engineering services and the use of the empty capacity of the refineries in this field.”

The Minister of Petroleum noted the existence of 20% of the world's oil and gas reserves in Venezuela, and said: "Given the ability of Iranian contractors, we have begun negotiations to develop the country's oil and gas fields, as well as increased capacity and overhaul of refineries in Venezuela and we have reached good agreements in this country.”

"Recently, the first Iranian-made tanker was delivered to Venezuela and we are planning to build another tanker. This shows that sanctions on the Iranian oil industry have not worked in recent decades and our exports of crude oil and gas condensate have never stopped, because today the world needs to our products,” Mr. Owji went on to add.

Referring to his speech on the capacity of the country's oil and gas resources to meet the needs of different countries at the Baku Energy Forum, he said: "Unfortunately, the oppressive US sanctions have deprived many countries of the blessings of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s energy resources. Due to its hydrocarbon resources and location on the transit highway for the transfer of oil and gas resources, Iran is ready to swap gas, crude oil and petroleum products with neighboring countries.”

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