29 May 2022 - 15:25
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Noori Petchem Plant Operating at 108% of Capacity

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The CEO of Noori Petrochemical Plant said the amount of production in Noori Petrochemical Plant in Ordibehesht (the second month of the Iranian calendar year- April 21 to May 22) reached 108% of its nominal capacity.

According to Shana, quoting the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC), Taghi Sanei said: “The designed aromatic output of this complex is 4.5 million tons, and in the calendar year of 1400 which ended on March 20, we had a 103% yield and in Ordibehesht of 1401, the output of the plant was 108% of nominal capacity.”

Regarding exploitation of domestic capabilities, he said projects such as sweetening heavy fractions, production of Euro 6 and 5 diesel, LAB raw materials and zero flaring are all the outcome of R&D unit of the facility.

The CEO of Noori Petrochemical Plant added: "We are cooperating with 20 knowledge-based companies in the field of production of chemicals and spare parts that have not been produced in the country so far, and we were able to localize major products with the support of knowledge-based companies."

Sanei noted: “Currently, 50% of Noori Petrochemical Plant’s products are exported and its market is safe. When we produce 108%, it indicates that the market for the sale and export of petrochemical products is assured.

News ID 457528


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