22 October 2005 - 09:24
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Southern Iran Craves for an Oil Museum

LONDON - While two oil museums are scheduled to be built in Tehran and Masjed Soleyman of Khuzestan, officials of Abadan are also looking forward to the foundation of one in the city living on oil refineries south of Iran, CHN said.

“Regarding the necessity of protecting the heritages related to the oil industry, Abadan refinery has a plan to establish an oil museum in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the beginning of oil refining procedure in Iran,” said Ali Parsa, head of Abadan Refinery Public Affairs.The oil industry has created ethnic and cultural diversity in the region throughout its history, making the city as some experts believe a collection of diverse ethnic groups, nationalities, languages and dialects.It was 97 years ago when for the first time ever a well in Masjed Soleman lead to the discovery of oil. Abadan and Kermanshah refineries were the first in Iran. Meanwhile, the first oil load of Iran was exported in 1913. Abadan refinery was planned in 1909 and with foundation of its supplementary sections it became the world?s biggest refinery in 1955. The refinery had an influential impact on the life style of the 2000 year-old city of Abadan. Mentioning the foreseen location of the museum in Bereym neighborhoods, Parsa added, ?The quarter includes historically significant places such as the residential house of former Pahlavi King and other officials of the deceased regime, Cinema Naft (Oil Theatre), oil company club, and it is moreover close to the Abadan refinery and has a view over Arvandrood River.?Informing about the formation of an experts committee, Parsa explained that the initiative would be finalized in few days. “Currently we have arranged an old building for the museum in which the workers? strikes were held, but if the experts committee decides to arrange a new building, we would do so.”PIN/IRAN MANIA
News Code 68942

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