9 June 2024 - 13:13
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NGL-1300 Ready to Come Online

SHANA (Tehran) - Managing director of Dehloran Natural Gas Liquids plant (NGL-1300) , Javad Kamari, says that the refining facility is ready to start operations officially.

Talking to Shana reporter, Javad Kamari, said by launching the project, the associated gases of six oil fields would be collected, consequently 9 gas flares will stop burning associated gases forever.

The project is ready to come online at a time when the 13th administration has given priority to collecting associated gases projects in order not only to prevent burning them as a source of wealth, but to reduce pollution in the oil fields and surroundings and make revenue by processing them.

To this end, the Petroleum Ministry decided to put implementation of uncompleted NGL projects high on the agenda which include NGL-1300 also known as Dehloran petro-refining project. When the 13th administration took office in August 2021, the 13-year old project had progressed just by 40 percent but after nearly three years of 13th administration in office, now the project is ready to become operational.

NGL-3100, which has been completed by spending 1.1 billion dollars, will put an end to burning associated gases in 6 oil fields including Cheshmeh-Khoush, Paydare-Gharb, Danan, Sarvak, Azar and Dehloran. Furthermore, by launching the project, it will be ready to take 240 million cubic feet of sour and sweet gases per day, putting an end to the operations of nine gas flares in the aforementioned oil fields.  

“By receiving 240 million cubic feet of gases as feedstock, of which 80 million cubic meters will be sweet, the petro-refining facility will be able to deliver annually 1.55 million tons of products to the Dehloran petrochemical complex’s olefin unit as feedstock, alongside providing 150 million cubic feet of gas to urban areas as well as producing 850 barrels of gas condensate and 400 tons of sulfur per day.”, Kamari said.  

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said: up to now, nearly 1.1 billion dollars have been spent in the project which include the NGL-1300 itself plus its boosting gas pressure stations, feedstock and products conveyance pipelines with annual revenue of 700 to 760 million dollars.

Responding to a Shana correspondent’s question on the impact of sanctions on the implementation of the project, he said: sanctions act like a bumpy road, they have delayed  implementation of the project and have increased the costs by 15 to 20 percent but they have never stopped the project from moving forward.

News ID 642804


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