Economic Growth Above 6 Percent Amid Oil Sector Contribution

SHANA (Tehran) - Executive vice president, Mohsen Mansouri, has said that Iran’s annual average economic growth has surpassed 6 percent amid oil sector’s magnificent contribution.

Addressing an oil industry’s workers gathering in oil-rich southern part of the country, he said that while the country is involved in a large fight against imposed sanctions, the role of labor force is irreplaceable.

On behalf of the Iranian president, I would like to thank you for the great job you do for the honor and pride of the country, executive vice president told the gathering.

He announced that Iran’s oil industry has achieved independence, playing a crucial role in the economic advancement of the country.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mansouri said that the oil industry was trying to reach 4 million barrels per day of production capacity and in order to achieve its target it has all the necessary tools at disposal.     

The official said: in our country we have all the necessary things to get the final success; today Iran is relying on its own potentials and has been able to gain self-sufficiency in many areas. He noted.

According to the official despite the endless efforts by the enemy to hurt the country, the amount of oil production has gone beyond the pre-sanctions period after reconstruction of oil equipment.

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