28 November 2023 - 19:59
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Fajr Jam Gas Refining Company flaring falls 27%

SHANA (Tehran) – Fajr Jam Gas Refining Company in Iran’s southern province of Bushehr reported a 27 percent reduction in flaring intensity.

Managing Director Seyyed Mohammad-Mehdi Hashemi said the volume of gas flaring declined thanks to the company’s effective technical measures, showing 14 percent and 27 percent cuts from one and two years earlier, respectively, the National Iranian Gas company (NIGC) reported.

“Acid compositions are inseparable parts of gas extracted from wells and reservoirs,” underlined the CEO, adding, “These constituents are removed in the sweetening process and reshaped in incinerators and transformed into less-dangerous and nonpolluting gases.”

Last week, Oil Minister Javad Owji said around 400,000 million cubic meters (mcm) of associated petroleum gas (APG) were gathered a day in 2011, adding the amount reached 2.3 mcm/d when the 13th administration took over in August 2021 while it stands at 11.5 mcm/d now and will soar to 18 mcm/d by the end of winter 2024.

He pledged that the volume of collected flare gas will rise to 32 mcm/d and 62 mcm/d in mid-March 2025 and 2026 by investing $5.5 billion in 54 projects.

News ID 633769


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