15 August 2022 - 17:03
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Iran, Mauritius Explore Energy Cooperation Avenues

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The ways of cooperation between Iran and the Republic of Mauritius in the energy sector were discussed during the meeting between Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji and the Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training of the latter.

Ahmed Asadzadeh, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum for International Affairs and Trade, regarding the focus of the meeting today between Javad Owji and Soodesh Satkam Callichurn, the Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training of Mauritius, and the accompanying delegation, expressed a positive assessment of the meeting.

“In this meeting, the cooperation capacities of the two sides in the energy sector were examined,” he said.

He said the Republic of Mauritius is an importer of oil and petrochemical products, and said: “Iran can cooperate with this country in this field.”

According to the announcement of the Deputy of Economic Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mauritius, the official name of the Republic of Mauritius, is an island country in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, which is located about 900 kilometers east of Madagascar. The capital of Mauritius is the city of Port Louis.

Mauritius is a part of the Mascarine Islands with an area of ​​2,46 square kilometers.

Mauritius has experienced significant economic growth over the past 50 years and since its independence. With a GDP per capita of $11,238, the tiny island is one of the continent's most advanced economies, moving from a mono-product economy centered on sugarcane to a much more diversified model focused on services and innovation.

The Republic of Mauritius has emerged as a small state with a population of 1.4 million people with a literacy level of 85% and modern social and educational infrastructure with a dynamic economy.

The country is a member of the World Trade Organization and other regional economic groups such as the Eastern and Southern African Common Market, the Southern African Development Community and the Indian Ocean Commission.

The Republic of Mauritius plans to turn this island into an open and competitive economy at the global level and integrate it fully into the world trade system through its trade policies. This country imports most of the petroleum products, cars, medicine and medical equipment from other countries.

The first economic forum of Iran and the Republic of Mauritius was held on August 14 with the aim of obtaining commercial information about the market of this country, developing export markets and establishing commercial and economic partnerships in various sectors of industry, infrastructure and construction affairs in the Persian Gulf Hall of the Tehran International Exhibition, and at the end of it, a memorandum of understanding and a special economic-commercial agreement were signed between the Iran Trade Development Organization and the Economic Development Council.

News Code 460643


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