Iran, Iraq forming Joint Technical Groups to Develop Energy Ties

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said Iran and Iraq were to form a joint working group to cooperate in joint fields, transfer technology and equipment from Iran based on the ability of private companies and send technical and specialized groups from the two countries to identify cooperation capacities.

Mohsen Khojastehmehr, in a joint conversation with Shana and the information base of the National Iranian Oil Company, said: "Based on the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the emphasis of the Iranian Minister of Petroleum to bolster economic ties with Iraq in oil and gas areas, a high-level delegation headed by the Iraqi Deputy Minister of Oil, consisting of oil and gas drilling and development companies, held talks with a delegation of senior executives of Iran's oil industry, and exchanged positive views and made constructive decisions.”

He stated that some of the most important areas of cooperation between Iran and Iraq in these negotiations are exploration, development and production from joint fields, and collection of associated gases in Iraqi oil fields, especially the ones near Iran's borders.

According to Khojastehmehr, it was announced during the course of talks that the private sector of the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to engage in oil cooperation in the mentioned fields; also decisions and agreements were made in the fields of training and technology transfer.

Regarding Iran's presence in Iraq for technical and specialized support to the latter’s oil industry, the CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company said: "Negotiations were held to revive some Iraqi oil wells and we announced our readiness to solve technical and production problems of some wells through Iranian technical teams. Also, regarding drilling of oil wells, it was decided to submit a proposed drilling package from Iraq to the Islamic Republic, and the Iranian side will use the capacity of the private sector to carry out the projects.”

Khojastehmehr added: "We also talked about production of mud materials for the drilling industry and it was decided to establish joint factories in one of the free zones with joint investment and Iraq will be able to use the services related to it."

Referring to other agreements, he said: “The use of training and research capacities, as well as the sisterhood between the Basra Oil Company and the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) were other issues agreed upon by the two sides.”

The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company said: "We hope that this round of negotiations will include new strategic relations in the field of interest of the two countries."

Khojastehmehr pointed to the political, cultural and historical commonalities of Iran and Iraq, and said: "The ground for promoting economic cooperation in the fields of oil and gas, products, especially in exploration, extraction, development and production is ready and it seems that today is the time we can take a practical step in this regard.”

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