15 June 2022 - 12:44
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Petropars, a Full-Fledged Oil Company: Venezuelan Official

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The CEO of the Venezuelan National Oil Company (Pedosa) described Iran’s Petropars as a full-fledged and capable company in the field of oil and gas development, and said: "This company can run various projects in the Venezuelan oil industry."

According to Petropars Group, on the sidelines of a meeting with the CEO and members of the board of directors of the Petropars Group, Asdrobal Chavez expressed his hope that the meeting would determine the fate of the plans and projects envisaged by Venezuela in its oil and gas fields.

“The Venezuelan National Oil Company has been cooperating with Petropars for nearly 15 years in various fields, and in this direction, it has always benefited from the capabilities of this group,” he said.

Expressing satisfaction with the serious determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran to assist Venezuela's oil and gas plans and facilities development program and cooperation with Petropars, he said: “In our country, there is a good ground in the field of oil and gas so that we can use the ability of Petropars to achieve them.”

The CEO of the Venezuelan National Oil Company, emphasizing the country's trust in the Petropars Group, stated: "Over the years, we have seen very good potential from Petropars, which shows that it is a complete company that can operate in various parts of Venezuela's oil and gas fields. Petropars is an ideal company for us to which we can safely entrust our projects.”

Referring to the formation of a joint committee to implement the agreements reached on the development of oil and gas fields and the equipment, reconstruction and commissioning of various Venezuelan oil and gas sectors between the two companies, Chavez said: "In our opinion, the formation and leadership of this committee is very strategic and important and for this reason, its responsibility and management will be with the highest officials of the two companies so that we can implement the goals set out in the bilateral agreements in the shortest time and with the necessary quality.”

News ID 458217


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