Cheshmeh Khosh Oil Pipeline to Ahvaz Explodes, Several People Killed

AHVAZ (Shana) -- The Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC) announced the explosion of a 20-inch pipeline transporting crude oil from Cheshmeh Khosh to Ahvaz, southwestern Iran, during a search operation, which killed several people nearby.

"Unfortunately, several employees of the operational department present at the site of the explosion were killed and injured in this incident,” a report by ICOFC said.

According to ICOFC, according to the news received from Cheshmeh Khosh Khosh operational area, this afternoon (Tuesday, July 6), during the start of the overhaul of the 20-inch pipeline, an explosion took place in Cheshmeh Khosh oil pipeline to Ahvaz. As a result, three employees of the company were killed and four were injured.

According to the report, the fire was contained and secured after the explosion, and rescue teams were sent to the scene to help the injured in the area, and other support groups were sent to the scene.

The injured were immediately transferred to the city of Shoush for treatment.

Preliminary reports indicate that the launcher exploded during the artillery operation.

The Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, while wishing good health to the injured colleagues and extending its condolences to the families of the victims and the diligent employees of the oil industry, has asked God Almighty to exalt the ranks for the happiness of the dear souls who sacrificed their lives to ensure continued production.

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