7 June 2021 - 15:17
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"Let's Revive Ecosystems:" CEO

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) released a message on the occasion of World Environment Day, and called on all employees of the gas industry to consider restoration of the ecosystem as one of their important missions in the coming decade.

The text of Hassan Montazer Torbati's message reads as follows:

"Mother Earth needs help. Unfavorable weather conditions, loss of nature and deadly pollution have threatened our homes and destroyed millions of species of inhabitants of this beautiful planet, but this destruction is not inevitable. We enjoy the means and knowledge to recover the Earth. Ecosystems are the lifeblood of Earth that are currently under widespread threat due to irresponsible human activities around the globe.

“Unless we change our attitude and protect and restore our ecosystems, we will leave the destroyed ecosystem for the future generations.

“The United Nations has called the last decade "the decade of ecosystem recovery." Over the next 10 years, which begin with the World Environment Day 2021, individuals, groups, governments, businesses and organizations of all kinds can close ranks to prevent, stop and reverse ecosystem degradation and provide a sustainable future for all by pursuing this vital goal with careful planning.

“We have a huge challenge ahead of us and need to take stronger steps for the sake of future generations and the love of the land we live in.

“As the CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company, while celebrating World Environment Day, I call on all the executives and employees of the NIGC to consider restoration of ecosystems in the next decade as one of its important missions so that we can improve our environmental performance in all of our current and future activities, while defining effective executive plans, with the approach of care, recovery and revitalization of the ecosystem.”

News ID 317135


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