15 August 2020 - 16:23
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Gate Valves for Goreh-Jask Pipeline Built in Iran

TEHRAN (Shana) -- For the first time in the Iranian oil industry, construction of 42-inch gate valves compatible with sour fluids is on the agenda of domestic companies, and now the process of manufacturing these valves to be used in the pipeline to transfer crude oil from Goreh to Jask is underway.

According to Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC), Touraj Dehghani, CEO of the company, on Tuesday, during a visit to the construction process of 42-inch gate valves (Metro Conduit) in the Goreh-Jask project in Arak Machinery Complex, said 83 42-inch gate valves of gate, control and emergency shut-off valves types worth about 9 million euros are used in the Goreh-Jask national project and efforts are being made to procure the items domestically.

Referring to the Minister of Petroleum's emphasis on localization and increasing the production capacity of items in the country, he continued: "The Petroleum Engineering and Development Company have informed all its consultants and contractors the ban on foreign purchases of goods that can be manufactured in the country.”

The PEDEC CEO said for the first time in the country, 42-inch sour fluid compatible gate valves (NACE) have manufactured domestically by domestic companies while many of the types procured domestically were previously imported.

The project to transfer crude oil from Goreh to Jask includes the construction of a pipeline of approximately 1,000 km length. In the implementation and construction of this project, 6 pipelines, five pump houses, three stations for receiving and sending pigs and the final terminal, 10 power stations, 400 km of transmission lines, three sing point moorings, submarine pipelines, a stilling basin and 20 crude oil storage tanks have been considered.

News ID 306081


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