Progress Continuing in Oil Industry Despite Pressures: Zangeneh

TEHRAN (Shana) – Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh said the country would continue progressing in oil industry despite the current pressure on the country by its enemies.

Addressing a gathering of Basiji forces in oil industry on Tuesday, he said that the US goal to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero had not been realized and would not be realized in the future with the help of God and the sacrifices of oil industry staff.

“Around two years ago, Iran’s enemies, by relying on inaccurate analyses, wrongly believed that it was the best time to deal a blow to Iran; The MKO, the Zionist regime and some of our regional neighbors, whom I call the “envious”, were the main instigators of the current rulers in the US in this regard. Mr. Bolton served as an MKO spokesman and hireling.”

He said, over the course of the past 40 years, the MKO had never been as close as it is now close to the White House.

Resistance the Best Shield Against Sanctions

Zangeneh said there was no other path for Iran rather than resistance and endurance to pass through the current difficult conditions until the sanctions are eliminated against the Iranian nation. “Those who have imposed the sanctions are not serious when they say the sanctions are aimed at the government and the establishment of Iran; the sanctions are against every single one of the Iranian people. It’s not like they feel pity for the Iranian nation.”

“What is going on at the moment is an all-out war. The difference with the imposed war is that we do not have similar physical casualties as in the war, but economic pressure is being imposed on the country which is much tougher than the war time.”

“I have repeatedly said that under the imposed war, we could sell oil as much as we wanted without any hurdles and we could receive our money to buy whatever we needed. But now they are trying to prevent our oil sales; or when we sell it, stop us from getting our money and even when we get our money, prevent us from being able to buy things with it.”

Zeroing Iran’s Oil Exports: A US Dream

He said bringing Iran’s oil exports to zero was the main target of the enemy right from day one, adding by the sacrifices of oil industry executives and staff, such goal was never realized and with the help of God will never come true.

Zangeneh said the current circumstances were not at all normal, but under the same conditions, they [Iran’s oil industry] would continue progressing and carrying out major projects in the industry. “Defying all the pressures, South Pars is active and alive and no pauses have been reported in operations in the field. Last year, we outperformed our neighbor in production from the field.”

Gas Production under Pressure

He said Iran would add 70 mcm/d to South Pars gas production capacity this calendar year which began on March 21.

Zangeneh said Iran was undergoing a lot of difficulties because of the sanctions but would never cease to try and continue distributing gas throughout the country. “We are currently ensuring gas supply to 10 villages per day and 95% of the population have access to the gas distribution network.”

He said the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum had devised many schemes to prevent burning of gas flare, adding by 2021, 95% of the country’s gas flare burning would be curbed and the gas would be consumed as petrochemical feedstock.

He said Bidboland II was the largest project to gather associated gases in Iran, adding operation of the $3.5b project would begin this calendar year with 56 mcm/d of capacity.

The Iranian Minister of Petroleum said a sum of $8b had been earmarked for preventing burning of gas flare in the country and many projects were being constructed under the current difficult circumstances.

Petrochemical Leap

He further said that the first leap in the petrochemical industry came to fruition in 2011 while the second leap of the sector is expected to complete by 2021 and third one by 2025.

By the second leap of the industry, the country’s petrochemical revenues would reach from currently 17 billion dollars per year to $25b/y, he said.

He said supporting domestic manufacturers and industrialists was regarded as vital principle by the oil industry of Iran, adding that contracts for building 50 electro-pumps were signed on Monday with a total value of 48 million Euros.

“This was just a small step in supporting domestic industries,” he said.

Zangeneh said all the EPC and EPD contracts of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum with a total value of nearly 6 billion dollars had been awarded to local companies, adding such initiatives are primarily aimed at creating jobs in the country rather than enhancing productivity.

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