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Modern Technologies, Oil Industry Development Pulse

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The Reservoir Management and Field Development Division of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is a dynamic specialized and scientific center seeking to bring about new changes in the upstream petroleum industry based on modern technologies and latest scientific achievements.

The process of reservoir management which involves decision-making for the administration of oil and gas reservoirs comprises four steps. The first step is about formulating strategies and policies. It is in compliance with the 20-Year Vision Plan and national five-year development plans. The second stage is about comprehensive studies on reservoirs and development plans. This Division is the main advisory arm in reservoir management, as well as formulation of development plans for oil and gas fields. The third phase involves implementing development plans and the final stage is about supervision on production. Therefore, the main mission assigned to the Division would be to conduct studies for the management of reservoirs and development of fields.

Given industrial needs, the diversity of technical challenges for decision-making in reservoirs management and playing a more effective role in following up on RIPI objectives and missions, the Division is set to adopt a new approach within the framework of its current status.

Touraj Behrouz, director of RIPI’s Reservoirs Management and Field Development Division, has spoken with Iran Petroleum about the important activities and achievements of this division.

What are the most important projects in reservoir management and field development?

We have a technology value cycle in the petroleum industry and so far the Reservoir Management and Field Development Division have concluded 35 comprehensive studies. Fortunately, these studies have produced satisfactory results. Our most recent activities involve studies in the Homa field, which are still under way. Putting into practice the assessment of the Gordan and Sepehr fields in collaboration with the Exploration Directorate of NIOC is under way and technical studies are progressing well. Meantime, other activities of this division include participation in the horizon study projects for Abadan Plain and gas shales.

NIOC has, over recent years, focused on reservoirs studies as well as development and assessment. What has this Division done in this regard?

Studying reservoirs, enhanced recovery methods, improved production and optimal use of reservoirs as well as oil and gas fields with a view to enhancing productivity have been handled by this Division by using the existing capacities.

Modern scientific and technical methods are being used at the highest qualitative and quantitative level possible. I may refer to the Integrated Assets Management (IAM) method for oil assets. In such activities, the modeling of wells, reservoirs and installations must be optimized simultaneously, which would finally lead to value-added.

Another significant achievement is presentation of master development plan (MDP) which targets the highest rate of productivity. MDP would contribute to optimal use of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Under this method, an MDP is formulated for various fields located in a specific zone by taking into consideration technical and economic issues. Expectations, technical and economic restrictions are considered simultaneously for the fields.

Other outstanding achievements of the Division include mastering design knowhow and enhanced recovery pilot for hydrocarbon reservoirs. It is being done for the first time in Iran.

What measures have been taken with regard to the transfer of technology, smart reservoirs and upstream sector development?

Regarding smart reservoirs and development of upstream sector, it has to be noted that certain measures have been carried out. A smart well pilot has been designed and developed. In cooperation with the Iran Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC), some oil fields located in central Iran were screened for the application of this technology. Then, in collaboration with the Arvandan Oil and Gas Production Company, a new MDP plan was presented with intelligent attitude for the Jofair field. In the Tousan field studies, a 3% increase in the recovery rate was calculated in collaboration with the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC). We hope to be able to make the intelligent well operational under the aegis of future support.

How is cooperation with clients and the mode of activities?

RIPI’s Reservoir s Management and Fields Development Division is the research and scientific arm of the petroleum industry. It has desirable communications with various sectors of the upstream industry and our cooperation with ICOFC is on the rise. We are also cooperating with IOOC, Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC), Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) and Exploration Directorate of National Iranian Oil Company.

RIPI’s Reservoir s Management and Fields Development Division is also open to international cooperation. In case we receive requests for cooperation and studies from neighboring countries, we would be ready for cooperation and interaction.

We are conducting studies and activities by benefiting from scientific achievements and all our colleagues are using advanced technologies in their expertise.

Transfer of knowhow and technology is done by using specialized videoconferences, participation in international seminars on different sectors, formation of specialized teams in collaboration with domestic and foreign experts and researchers, exchange of technical knowhow and the presence renowned international specialists.

Meanwhile, in collaboration with universities, research centers and scientific centers as well as knowledge-based companies, we are pushing ahead with some of our studies and projects. The scientific level of Iranian researchers in reservoirs management and fields' study is growing rapidly.      

By Foad Nabavi

Courtesy of Iran Petroleum

News Code 292764


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