21 February 2015 - 16:30
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Dust Particles Problem Needs Long Term Planning, DOE Chief

TEHRAN Feb 21(Shana)--Tackling the dust particles problem requires a long term planning and temporary arrangements are impractical, head of Department of Environment (DOE) Masoumeh Ebtekar said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 14th edition of International Environment Exhibition, Ebtekar told journalists that the administration does not intend to conceal the realities regarding dust particles challenge which needs a long term planning to overcome.

He continued in the past some other countries including China, Korea and Japan had faced with dust particles phenomenon and could achieve good results through regional and international cooperation, even though they have not been able to overcome the problem fully.

Ebtekar regretted that some funds which had been earmarked for protection of environment in the draft budget were omitted from next year’s budget bill adding ratification of proposed funds was very important for DoE in order to provide necessary equipment for monitoring, measurement and addressing environmental issues.  

“By removing these funds from next year’s budget, there is no doubt that we will face more delays and will lag behind the schedule in tackling environmental problems”, DOE’s chief told the journalists.

She said: "Unfortunately some recent years policies led to the drying up Hourolazim lagoon even though it has been provided with water in recent days, a subject that Minister of Health confirms it."

According to her, domestic car makers have been obliged to respect euro-4 standards and they have to put into force euro-5 standards in the next phase while they will proceed with making hybrid and electric vehicles at home in the future.

News Code 235593

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