8 May 2024 - 11:58
  • News ID: 641061
Updated Methods of Repair Is a Requirement

SHANA (Tehran) - We should distance ourselves from traditional repairing methods in gas processing plants and replace them with new and updated ones.

Iranian minister of petroleum deputy for engineering, research and technology, Vahidreza Zaidifard made the remarks in a specialized gathering about safety and enhancement at repairing gas processing plants, announcing that the gas processing plants readiness for supplying gas during winter is a requirement.

 He added that the gas production and consumption is balanced today and when cold days of winter come and natural gas consumption goes up “we move on a narrow edge”.

We should replace traditional ways of gas processing plants basic repairs with new and updated methods and our companies, in part, are capable of doing the job, the Petroleum Minister deputy said.  

I am aware of the efforts being underway by gas processing plants; this is a kind of Jihad and we hope that we will leave behind this year with the least worries and incidents, he concluded.

News ID 641061


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