25 May 2007 - 15:27
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TEHRAN – Iran exported 1.131 million tons of petrochemical products in the first two months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21 to May 21, 2007).

The two-month exports earned the country 609 million dollars.

Liquefied gas and polyethylene constituted the highest and lowest eight shares of the exported products with 399 thousand tons and 20 tons respectively.

According to forecasts, the petrochemical exports will fetch Iran 20 billion dollars by the end of Fifth Five-Year Socioeconomic Development Plan (2010-2015).

Iran plans to earn some 152 billion dollars through exports of petrochemical products to the Middle East by 2025.

According to the 20-year investment plan, the country’s value share is 50 billion dollars.

Based on the estimate, the value of the world’s petrochemical products during the period is 820 billion dollars while the worth of the Middle East’s petrochemicals at the beginning of the 20-year plan, 2005, equaled to 25 billion dollars, with Saudi ArabiaIran, and other Middle Eastern states having 51, 21, and 37 percent of shares respectively.,

The world’s share during this period 333 stood at billion dollars, whose 0.9 percent belonged to Iran.

IranMarch 20, 2015).’s petrochemical production is expected to touch 98 million tons per annum by the end of Iranian calendar year 1394 (

The country plans to sell 75 tons of the predicted output.

According to the estimate, Iran needs to invest 27 billion dollars to achieve the goal and the products will earn the country 25 billion dollars per year.

Iran is expected to be the first country in the region by March 2015 that will produce ethylene, methanol, and BTX.

During the period, domestic petrochemical complexes are predicted to produce at least 12 million tons of ethylene, 10 million tons of polymer, 10 million tons of urea, 14 million tons of methanol, and 4 million tons of BTX.

The Managing Director of Ghadir Petrochemical Company Mohammad-Hassan Keshvari said Iran would become a big urea and ammonia producer in the world when the company’s units were run.

Ghadir Petrochemical Company is a strategic plant in Pars Special Energy Economic Zone (Assalouyeh), which is expected to export 1.15 million tons of urea and ammonia per annum.

Iran is determined to increase the petrochemical production by more than 50 percent in the current year.

The country has planned to produce 30.3 million tons of petrochemical products in the current year.

Of the targeted figure, 5.901 million tons will be distributed among domestic petrochemical complexes, 4.442 million tons is sold inside the country, and 12.107 million tons is exported.

The country is implementing 24 petrochemical projects in the Fourth Five-Year Socioeconomic Development Plan (2005-2010).

Up to now, the projects have totally made 29.5 percent physical progress and are to produce 22.798 million tons of petrochemicals per annum.

When the projects come on stream, they are expected to earn Iran 7.78 million dollars annually.

Iran is to make a 12.3 billion dollar investment in the sector in the Fifth Five-Year Socioeconomic Development Plan (2010-2015)

National Petrochemical Company will invest the huge sum in 27 petrochemical projects during the Fifth Plan, out of which 9.2 billion dollars would be funded by hard currencies.

“According to the Fifth Plan, Iran’s annual 55 million ton production will soar to 158 million tons per annum.”

Petrochemical products accounted for the highest share of non-oil goods IranMarch 21, 2006March 20, 2007). to exported in the past Iranian calendar year (

Totally 42.2 percent of the weight and 38.6 percent of the value of exported non-oil products belonged to petrochemicals.

The country exported 14,236,800 tons of petrochemical products, valued at 6.11 billion dollars, during the yearlong period, showing 115.5 and 140.8 percent increases in terms of weight and worth respectively when compared to those in their preceding year.



News Code 105494

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