8 May 2007 - 17:25
  • News Code: 104156
MPs Reject Double-Urgency Fuel Plan

TEHRAN – A double-urgency plan for amending Clause V of note under Article 13 of the current year’s budget bill, which called for considering a one-tier pricing system for gasoline and had been signed by 37 members of parliament, was rejected through voting, getting 108 nays.

The plan called on the government to sell domestically produced gasoline in addition to imported gasoline up to a ceiling of 22,250 billion rials equivalent of foreign exchange at 1,500 rials per liter.

The MPs said unpreparedness of the government to enter into force a gasoline rationing system as well as people’s concerns and dissatisfaction over the rationing as the main reasons for rejected the plan.

The plan had noted that since a two-tier price system would be more concerning to people than a single price, double urgencies of the plan should be approved by the MPs.

After voting, the plan was rejected through 108 nays, 66 ayes, and 6 abstentions.

News Code 104156

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