8 July 2024 - 13:51
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Mps Evaluate 3 Years of Petroleum Ministry Performance

SHANA (Tehran) - Following the tragic loss of Ibrahim Raisi during the incident of a chopper crash in May, Iran held a snap presidential election in which Masoud Pezeshkian, a reformist-supported candidate was elected as the 9th president of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the run-off election on July 5.

While the 13th administration is getting ready to pass running the country to the new administration over a month, Shana reporter talked to several members of parliament, asking their views about the performance of the 13th administration in the field of energy.

Rising oil production and exports, a higher rate of economic growth, and considering human resources as a priority are several main achievements of the Petroleum Ministry under the 13th administration three years in office.

Deputy head of the energy committee of the parliament Ramezanali Sangdovini made the above remarks adding that Petroleum Minister Javad Owji’s performance has been positive since he has been able to raise oil production and exports while managing to reduce the unsold floating gas condensate storage to zero.

 According to him, Owji also succeeded in building overseas refineries and exporting technical and engineering services by relying on the energy diplomacy potentials.    

“During the vote of confidence in parliament, I voted for Owji to become minister of petroleum and I don’t regret it”, he said adding the energy committee members feel honored that they have voted for him because developing phase 14 of the South Pars gas field by Iranian experts, putting into operation the second phase of Abadan oil refinery, connecting numerous villages and cities to the national gas grid and sustainable gas supply during the last winter, without any interruption, are just a part of Owji achievements over the past three years of the 13 administration in office.

Deputy head of the energy committee continued: today 98 percent of the cities and 88 percent of the country’s villages have access to the national gas grid, which is unique.

If I want to summarize the Petroleum Ministry performance of the 13th administration, I would like to announce that “the oil industry is being delivered to the next administration like a horse saddled and ready to jump.”

Mostafa Nakhei, the other member of the parliament’s energy committee, says that Javad Owji is one of the best ministers in the cabinet, who as an oil and gas expert pays attention to the fulfillment of specialized missions.  

Nakhai said that cyber-attacks on the country’s smart fuel system were one of the main challenges of the Petroleum Ministry which could cripple fuel supply across the country, but as we witnessed Petroleum Ministry could overcome the problem in the best possible way.  

Mojtaba Yousefi, the representative for the Ahwaz constituency in the parliament told Shana that boosting oil production and exports, collecting gases burnt by gas stacks, raising oil refining capacity, trusting in domestic manufacturers' potentials, and deploying knowledge-based companies and Iranian experts in the oil sector were among the main promises that the petroleum minister kept.  

“The petroleum ministry under the leadership of Javad Owji managed to raise oil production and exports, reinforced energy diplomacy, revived overseas oil refineries, and raised the technical and engineering services exports,” he told Shana.  

“Regarding gathering associated gases, the petroleum ministry gathered 13 million cubic meters of associated gases last year. Containing the pollution resulting from burning gases was like a dream for the residents of oil-rich regions in the south of the country that came true,”, the MP said.  

Yousefi concluded that gasoline production increased by relying on domestic capabilities and completing the Persian Gulf Star Refinery. This means creating wealth by pursuing an inward-looking approach plus trusting our elite capabilities, an issue that Owji put into force.

News ID 643973


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