Iran-Russia Gas Deal to Strengthen Regional Energy Security

SHANA (Tehran) - The Iranian Minister of Petroleum says that signing the memorandum of understanding (MoU) for gas transfer from Russia to Iran will increase Iran’s share of the global gas trade, strengthening regional energy security considerably.

Speaking in a televised news program, he said that with the Ibrahim Raisi administration’s energy diplomacy approach, the emphasis of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and follow-ups of the martyred Hossain Amirabdollahian, the 13th administration’s minister of foreign affairs, the MoU for gas transfer from Russia to Iran finally came to fruition.

“The deal marks the culmination of the energy diplomacy approach’s success with great achievements for both sides”, he said.

Iran and Russia sit atop 60 percent of global gas reserves, Owji said, adding concerning cooperation with Russia in developing oil fields, it should be noted that 6 Iranian oil fields have started oil extraction with 250 thousand barrels per day.

He added that cooperation with Russian companies in areas like petrochemical exports, catalysts, and knowledge-based equipment has been satisfactory. 

According to the Minister of Petroleum, Iran’s gas network has the potential to transfer 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas per day, noting the Iran-Russia gas transfer deal meets Iran and the neighboring countries' energy security with great economic achievements to the benefit of Iran and Russia.

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