11 June 2024 - 12:18
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NIGC Official Outlines Achievements

SHANA (Tehran) - The National Iranian Gas Company’s (NIGC) Directorate for Dispatching manager, Saeed Aghli, says that the company has managed to distribute 815 billion cubic meters of gas over the past 1000 days of the 13th administration in office, without allowing imbalances to grow.

Speaking with Shana reporter, Aghli added that the volume is 4 percent higher when compared with the corresponding period of previous administration performance.

The manager of the Dispatching Center said: “When the 13th administration took office 3 years ago, the country faced with imbalances so that natural gas consumption surpassed its production and to contain the problem, NIGC decided to control consumption in the first place and then wait for an opportunity to increase natural gas production.”  

While in 2019, the volume of daily gas distribution stood at 713 million cubic meters, it reached 754 million cubic meters per day last year which was the result of NIGC’s policies pertaining to gas production, transfer and consumption management; he said, adding “taking these initiatives helped NIGC to increase the volume of natural gas transfer to the consumption destinations by 40 million cubic meters per day.”

According to him, concurrent with containing imbalances, NIGC committed to boost the volume of natural gas exports by 9 percent when compared with three years ago when the 13th administration took office.

During the past 3 years of 13th administration in office, NIGC also managed to raise the volume of gas delivery to not only power plants but to large industries as well.

Aghli told Shana that while in 2019 about 180 million cubic meters of gas per day were delivered to power plants on average, the figure rose to 216 million cubic meters per day last year.

He continued that the same process happened in view of gas delivery to large industries so that the volume of gas delivery to them rose to 139 million cubic meters per day last year from 124 mcm/d 4 years ago.

“Boosting gas storage volume was the other initiative NIGC took during the period so that during the last Iranian calendar year of 1402, which ended on 20 March 2024, the company could increase the volume of gas storage at two gas storage facilities of Shorijeh and Serajeh by 3.03 billion cubic meters, the highest record in past ten years.”, the NIGC official said.

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