IOOC Suspends Production from Salman Oil Field Temporarily

SHANA (Tehran) - The Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) has halted oil production from the Salman oil field for a short time to carry out necessary repairs.

The manager of operations at Lavan Operational Zone at ICCO, Mahmoudreza Haghighi, said that repairs cover replacement a part of the burner’s pipeline with severe cracks, repairing several parts of the pipeline network and a number of important valves on the line of process of oil and gas production and water injection, which cannot be done while the platform is operational.

According to him, the repairs are necessary to improve safety in the process of oil production.

All stages of this major repair operation include taking the entire platform process out of line, emptying the contents of the pipe network, washing, securing, cutting, disassembling, assembling, welding, grinding, returning the tracks to the original state, resuming production and restarting the platform operation process are done by the executive branch of the company.

Lavan Operational Zone's manager anticipated duration of these repairs for about one month, noting after that the production process of the platform will be resumed in much safer conditions than before.

The Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) is a subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company operating in southern Iran. Its activities cover important areas of the Persian Gulf and its operations are mainly focused on areas such as Bushehr Province as well as Kharg, Sirri and Lavan Islands.

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