26 April 2024 - 12:31
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NPC To Accelerate Collecting Associated Gases

SHANA (Tehran) - The process of gathering associated gases will accelerate this year so that the majority of petrochemical complexes' gas flares will be turned off at the end of the current Iranian calendar year on March 20 2025.

Visiting Assaluyeh, the host of gas processing plants south of Iran, the managing director of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), Morteza Shahmirzaie, made the remarks adding that NPC plans to pursue the gathering associated gases program more seriously than before, so it is determined to collect part of gas flares this year even though those flares which are involved in providing feedstock to petrochemical units will continue their operation for the next three years.

“Gas flares play the role of safety valves, so that when there is an emergency situation, they start burning to prevent occurrence of an incident and when there is a stable situation their burning is contained” NPC’s managing director said. 

He went on to say that in a year which has been named as the year of Production Leap Through People’s Participation, petrochemical projects will bear fruit one after another and we should thank God for giving Iranians these resources.

According to NPC’s managing director, 12 projects will become operational this year, including olefin and MEG projects at Bushehr petrochemical complex, which not only will boost employment and economic growth but will play a role in generating foreign exchange income.

“Hereby I would like to invite the investors to participate actively in productive activities of the petrochemical sector because the sector with its role as generating value added, stands at the forefront of the country’s economy” deputy minister of petroleum and head of NPC said.

During his tour of Assaluyeh, Shahmirzaie also visited a number of petrochemical units including Dena and Pars petrochemical complexes, sweetening unit of Bushehr petrochemical complex and Mehr petrochemical project. 

News ID 640495


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