Kanaani: Trespassing on tankers carrying Iranian oil a clear example of piracy

SHANA (Tehran) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday said acts like trespassing on tankers carrying Iranian oil is a striking example of piracy.

Nasser Kanaani made the remarks during his weekly press briefing in reaction to reports on the unloading of Iranian crude oil off the coast of Texas.

“I also read the news in the media and have no confirmed information. There is a general principle saying the hit-and-run era is over, said the spokesman, warning, “Iran will not remain silent on violation of the Iranian people’s rights and will cut off the hands of aggressors.”

Kanaani added, “Those, who intend to commit such acts, had better review the history of Iran’s reactions in similar cases.”

“The vital importance of the Persian Gulf region and the Strait of Hormuz for Iran’s security is crystal clear,” underlined Kanaani, continuing, “Hence, Iran’s Navy will professionally and legally deal with any illegal move.”

U.S. forced to recognize Iran’s rights

Touching upon the release of Iran’s assets blocked in South Korea, the spokesman said Tehran and Seoul held talks and reached agreements.

The release of Iran’s funds frozen in South Korea came as the U.S. had tried to block them through imposing unilateral sanctions, mentioned Kanaani, adding, “But we forced the U.S. to recognize Iran’s rights through making good diplomatic and legal efforts.”

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