19 February 2023 - 14:33
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Iran, China Economy could complement each other: Ex-Official

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The former director of international affairs of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) emphasized that the economy of Iran and China can complement each other and meet many of each other's needs.

In an interview with Shana, Mohammad Ali Khatibi stated that according to the growing trend of China's economy, experts predict that this country's economy will occupy the first place in the world in the coming years and overtake the United States, adding: "Naturally, China needs to reach The first ranking power of the world economy and needs more energy, so Iran, relying on its oil and gas reserves, can be considered a reliable partner and supplier for this country in the long term.”

Referring to China's negotiations and dealings with oil-exporting countries in the world and the country's efforts to diversify its supply of imported oil and gas resources, he said: “Iran, as the largest owner of the world's total oil and gas resources, should have a significant share in the big energy market in the coming years.”

The former director of international affairs of the National Iranian Oil Company stated: “China has been very active in the field of renewable energies, especially solar energy, in recent years so that now we can buy solar energy technology and infrastructure at much lower prices than European countries.”

Khatibi said: “Iran's oil industry urgently needs foreign investors to increase and maintain its oil and gas production, so one of the ways to solve this challenge is to use the financial power of large Chinese oil and gas companies. The use of currencies other than the dollar, especially national currencies that do not have sanctions problems, can be important in the development of financial relations between the two countries. Of course, the two countries have experienced economic cooperation with currencies other than the dollar.”

He said: "Development should be all-round, so the relations between Iran and China should not be limited to the economic sphere only. Cooperation in geopolitical, strategic, cultural, political, social and other fields should be strengthened.”

News Code 469238


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