8 June 2022 - 19:04
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Iran-Russia Trade to hit $40b

TEHRAN (Shana) – Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji said the level of trade between Iran and Russia is planned to hit $40 billion within the next 4 years.

Addressing a ceremony held at the Russian embassy in Tehran on Tuesday on the occasion of the Russian national day, Mr. Owji said: “I take the opportunity to congratulate the people of Russia on the Russian National Day and I would like to thank the Ambassador of Russia, Mr. Jagarian, for inviting me to attend the Russian National Day. I am glad to be present at this ceremony, which is a symbol of Russia's rich culture and identity. Iran and Russia are two great neighbors in the region that share common interests in the fields of politics, security, economy and culture. Especially in the current administration, bilateral and multilateral relations in order to ensure common interests and contribute to regional and international stability, peace and security have a growing trend that I hope will continue and deepen.”

The following is the full text of his address:

“The Ministry of Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the head of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between the two countries, not only is trying to expand strategic cooperation between the two countries in various fields of energy, but also supports cooperation between Iranian and Russian different Ministries, agencies and organizations.

According to the agreements between the two presidents of Iran and Russia, the consolidation and development of relations between the two countries should be pursued more seriously than before. Of course, the recent visit of a high-ranking Russian delegation headed by Mr. Novak, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, to Tehran shows the serious determination of the two sides to further expand bilateral cooperation. During this trip, it was decided that the trade between the two countries would increase from 4 billion to 40 billion dollars.

Iran's cooperation with Russia will not only lead to the growth of the two countries, but will also lead to the growth and development of other countries in the region. For example The launch of the North-South Corridor, will create a strong network of trade from the Indian Ocean region to the Caucasus, Russia and European countries.

Another example is the banking connection project between Iran and Russia and the use of national currencies of the two countries. The implementation of such a project with the participation of Iran, Russia, China and some international powers in the near future will end the dominance of the dollar. These and other cases show the high potential of Iran, Russia and friendly and allied countries in influencing the international situation and changing the balance of power.

Iran and Russia, as two important players in the field of oil and gas, can play a decisive role in ensuring world energy security.

Let me be clear, playing with the security of these two important international players will have dangerous and devastating consequences, especially for the world's energy security. Europe's 40% dependence on Russian gas and the West Asian region is not something that can be easily compensated. The game that the United States is drawing and playing is not in the interest of other countries and this is an experience that has been repeated throughout history. Unprecedented inflation in Europe and the staggering rise in gas prices confirm this claim. This is a cost that average people will pay.

I hope that the scholars of the world will sit down and solve the problems through dialogue and compromise, and find fair and logical solutions to the problems. Sanctions are not the solution and it has shown that it is a double-edged sword that will grip the ones who impose sanctions.

I again congratulate you and your colleagues at the Russian Embassy in Tehran, the government and the great nation of Russia on the occasion of the National Day of the Russian Federation.

I ask God Almighty for health, success and prosperity of the Russian Nation.”

News Code 457933

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