28 October 2021 - 15:51
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4,000 Filling Stations Running: Min.

TEHRAN (Shana) – Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji said nearly 4,000 filling stations are up and running in Iran, adding that there is no problem in supplying fuel in the country.

Speaking after visiting the data center and monitoring of the National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) and meeting with the managers of the center due to a malfunction in the smart fuel system on Thursday, Mr. Owji said: “We had a visit to the data monitoring center of the National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company, which manages the smart fuel card system, and it was reported that all the pillars and forces of the oil industry worked to resolve the issue.”

He continued: "So far, nearly 4,000 stations have been activated throughout the country and people can refuel in them at free petrol price, and 800 stations are connected to the smart fuel system, through which people can refuel with a smart fuel card."

The Minister of Petroleum noted that more than 870 groups were involved in resolving the issue throughout the country.

He further stressed that no problem has been created in the fuel quotas of Iranian citizens, adding there is no need to worry about that.

105 ml/d Petrol Output

Emphasizing that the status of fuel storage is acceptable, Owji continued: "We have no problem in supplying and distributing fuel, also the road filling stations are stable and refueling of the heavy transport fleet is done normally."

According to him, Iranian refineries produce more than 105 million liters of petrol per day and there are no problems in this regard

News Code 323200


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