6 July 2021 - 17:08
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50% Rise in Export Capacity of Mahshahr Port

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The head of the export terminal of Mahshahr Port said with implementation of the development plan, the storage capacity of this export terminal has increased by 50% from one billion liters to 1.5 billion liters and the berth capacity of vessels in this port has increased from 45,000 tons to 105,000 tons.

Hossein Alizadeh told a press conference in Mahshahr Port this morning (Tuesday, July 6), underlined the need to increase the storage capacity of petroleum products and the export transfer capacity of this terminal, adding: “Development of this terminal has been discussed since 2006.”

He said the export port of Mahshahr is 85 years old and was built with the aim of paving the way for the export of petroleum products, adding: "This port was one of the strategic ports of the country during the imposed war due to its remoteness from attacks and today it is still considered as one of the country's important export port.”

The head of Mahshahr Export Terminal said: “This project entered the implementation phase in 2007 and reached 80% progress by 2017, but in the last two years, the most important part of the work, namely the transmission and mooring capacity of the terminal more than doubled.”

Alizadeh pointed out that out of eight active docks in this terminal, five docks are now fully operational with a variety of petroleum products, and noted the product transfer capacity in Mahshahr Export Terminal has tripled and this has caused the power of supply to exceed demand. As a result, vessel services will increase significantly.

The head of the export terminal of Mahshahr Port stated: “With the measures taken, this port will become one of the strategic ports of Iran because we do not have such a capacity in the Middle East.

News Code 318251


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