1 July 2021 - 16:45
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Zangeneh Appreciates OPEC’s Message

TEHRAN (Shana) -- Iran’s Minister of Petroleum, Bijan Zangeneh, spoke at the 181st Ordinary Meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ Conference after he received OPEC’s remarks honoring him for his contributions to the organization. In his remarks, he said:

In the name of Allah

His Excellency Dr. Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, President of the OPEC Conference

Excellencies, the Honorable Heads of theOPEC Delegations

 His Excellency Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, the OPEC Secretary General

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our distinguished Secretary-General, HE. Mohammad Barkindo and his able staff for this tasteful and humbling video documentary presentation. I thank you for all the kind words addressed to me.

Dear Friends,

Allow me to share with you, very briefly, my insight about the underlying reason for the success and durability of our Organization.
In my view, OPEC is the only economic organization of the developing countries that directly and significantly impacts and shapes the world economy. OPEC was founded on the pillar of a golden principle. This golden principle was the key for OPEC to achieve unparalleled success in the last 60(sixty) years.

Comprehension and acceptance of the need for cooperation within OPEC along with intra economic competition and even political conflict among OPEC member countries constitute that key golden principle.

Agreeing to cooperate with one another within OPEC to secure national interests with overarching rule of wisdom in relations among OPEC members, despite tremendous ups and downs and major tensions and discords among member countries is the secret key to durability and

success of our Organization in the last 60(sixty) years. In the meantime, we have all scored and benefited from being an OPEC member in the interest of our national development and our own peoples.

During the last 60(sixty) years of OPEC history, complying with this golden principle, OPEC has been instrumental in improving the political relations between its member countries. It is true that some believe petroleum ministers, members of OPEC are, in a sense, the second foreign ministers of their own countries.

Mr. President,

Distinguished Secretary-General


As one of the founding members of OPEC, the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been centered on promoting cooperation and convergence within OPEC member countries, as well as cooperation with other major oil producing and consuming nations.

My first attendance in the OPEC ministerial conference goes back to 103 (One hundred and third) OPEC Conference in November 1997(ninety nineteen seven), in Jakarta. Since then, global oil market has experienced extensive ups and downs and a wide range of prices from $7 to over $100(hundred) per barrel. Fortunately, OPEC complying with its golden principle, has a successful track record of not only protecting the interests of its member countries, but also of taking wise steps to strengthen market stability, ensure adequate investment for oil production, as well as assuring the consuming nations of timely and sufficient oil supply.

We have 60(sixty) years behind us, and now with the new initiative of OPEC cooperation with a number of other oil producing nations, in the context of OPEC Plus, a new chapter of life has been unfolded for OPEC.

I am confident that with the same wisdom upon which OPEC was founded and charted a rocky territory and reached an undeniable maturity and empowerment, OPEC will continue this journey along with non-OPEC producing countries and in close cooperation with consuming nations.


The Islamic Republic of Iran has been under the most severe unilateral US sanctions, particularly over the last three years. Our oil industry has suffered greatly and was prevented from realizing its home-grown potentials. But, We, Iranians survive and will not bow to bullying. We have maintained a healthy production and a reasonable oil export despite the stated wishes and plans of the former US Administration.


Dear Friends,
At the verge of being 70(seventy) years old, when the new government of President-elect His Excellency, Mr. Raeisi, is about to be formed, I have decided to step aside from official public service and go to retirement.

I ask all friends here and am confident that the same courtesies and cooperation that was accorded me during these long years will be accorded to my successor who will take office in less than two months from today.

Once again, I must say that I am thankful and humbled by this show of support and recognition accorded me today for a life-long public service to my county and to the Organization. Thank you Mr. Secretary-General Barkindo. I also wish to thank all OPEC Secretariat staff and the OPEC family for a memorable journey.

I shall not fail to register my heartfelt thanks and appreciations to all Ministers, past and present, with whom I have worked, particularly all my dear friends Dr. AlRumhi, Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Salman, Mr. Mohammad Arkab, Mr. Tareck El Aissami. Mr…..

I ask and pray to almighty Allah to continue to shower you and your family and friends with blessings of health and success.

God bless you all.

Thank you.

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