Iran Eyes Enhanced Oil Recovery in Bilal Field by Nanofluid Injection

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The recovery rate of Bilal oilfield will significantly increased by acquiring the technical knowhow of producing suitable nanostructures and injecting it in Surmeh reservoir.

According to the Iranian Offshore Oil Company, the main goal of this project, which since June 2015 has been on agenda, is to investigate the possibility of injectable nanofluids as one of the novel methods to enhance oil recovery rate of the reservoir compared to the current method (water injection).

In this research project, a wide range of nanostructures (metal-carbon and hybrid oxides) is studied and the stability of nanostructures in salinity, temperature and reservoir conditions is investigated and the acquisition of technical knowledge of nanostructures stabilization in salinity and high temperatures is one of the achievements of this project.

Examination of laboratory results and simulation of selected nanofluid injection at field and single well scale from technical and economic point of view showed that adding nanoparticles to the current injected water to the reservoir can significantly increase the recovery rate of the reservoir compared to injection of Persian Gulf water into the reservoir without nanoparticles.

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