31 May 2021 - 23:40
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Private Sector to Enhance Recovery from 3 Iran Gas Fields

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The CEO of the Iranian Central Oil Fields Company said that the production capacity of three gas fields will be enhanced by local private investors.

Speaking on Monday, Ramin Hatami announced start of the construction of Homa and Varavi pressure boosting stations and Tabnak separation center, and said: "By implementing these three projects with an investment of 281 million Euros by the private sector, sustainable supply of Parsian Refinery feedstock will be guaranteed.”

He said Parsian Refinery was launched in 2003 and 2006 in two phases with a discharge capacity of 79 million cubic meters from the gas produced at Tabnak, Homa, Varavi and Shanol fields. Last year, the value chain of this sector was completed with the launch of the ethane recovery sectors of Parsian and Sepehr fields, and the value of the products was maximized.

He added: "Considering the decline of production in these fields and the importance of this complex to receive sustainable feedstock, directives were formulated and set forth by the Ministry of Petroleum, and today the first operational part of the planned set of these measures began. The project includes construction of Homa and Varavi pressure boosting stations, the separation center of Tabnak and ancillary facilities, which will be implemented with the investment of the non-governmental sector by €281 million.”

The CEO of the Iranian Central Oil Fields Company stated that in addition to the construction of two pressure boosting stations and a separation center, about 88 km of new pipelines, 90 km of power transmission lines and four high-pressure and super-distribution stations will be constructed in this project. With the implementation of this project, he said, the company would see an increase in the recovery rate of Homa and Varavi fields by 34 and 16%, respectively, while in Tabnak field, in addition to a 3% increase in the recovery rate, the country would have an improvement in the quality of the refinery feedstock.

News ID 316924


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