4 August 2020 - 15:00
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Iran Daily Gas Exports at 79 mcm in Tir

TEHRAN (Shana) -- The head of dispatching management of the National Iranian Gas Company said: "Iran's gas exports registered a new record in the month of Tir (June 21-July 22) and reached 79 million cubic meters per day."

In an interview with Shana, Mohammad Reza Julaei said: "Iran's gas exports to other countries had never reached 70 million cubic meters per day, but in Tir this year, a new record was set and reached 79 million cubic meters per day."

He continued: "The announcement of gas export figure by the Minister of Petroleum was the average gas export in the current situation and was not specific to the previous day, so the average daily gas export of Iran to Turkey and Iraq is currently 75 million cubic meters."

The head of the dispatching management of the National Gas Company stated: “Of course, Turkey requested four days ago to stop gas flow from Iran for repairs, which reduced Iran’s gas exports for some days, however, gas exports to Turkey will resume on Tuesday evening (August 4).”

According to Julai, this is in a situation where Iran is at the peak of refinery overhauls and electricity consumption and the power plants are operation at full tilt, but at the same time their gas is being fully supplied and liquid fuel is not used for power generation.

He said Iran is currently exporting gas to Iraq and Turkey and provides all the amount requested by them.

News ID 305729


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