23 August 2004 - 15:41
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Turkmenistan Ready To Boost Electricity Export To Iran

Ashgabat - Turkmenistan Sunday introduced a new 220-kilovolt power transmission line that will bolster the country's capability to export electricity to Iran.

The new line, which will feed up to 375 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year to northeastern Iran via the border town of Serakhs, cost $7.5 million, Turkmenistan's Energy and Industry Ministry told Interfax. The line, which links two cities by the name of Serakhs - one in Turkmenistan and one in Iran - was built in accordance with a memorandum on long-term, electricity cooperation signed by the governments of the two countries in the summer of 2003. Turkmenistan started to export electricity to Iran using the 220- kilovolt Balkanabad - Gonbad line in June 2003. It is exporting 562.5 million kWh of electricity to Iran per year with this line. The line is part of the Turkmenistan - Iran - Turkey energy corridor, introduced in December 2003. Turkey will use the corridor to import 600 million kWh of electricity generated at the Turkmenbash and Balkanabad power plants in western Turkmenistan per year. Turkmenistan is poised to build a new, 400-kilovolt power line from the city of Mary to Mashkhed in Iran. Once this is up and running, Turkmenistan will be capable of exporting nearly 2.4 billion kWh of electricity to Iran per year. Turkmenistan exports also exports electricity to Afghanistan besides Iran and Turkey at a preferential price of $0.02 per kWh. Turkmenistan exports around 200 million kWh a year to Afghanistan. PIN//Interfax
News ID 30155

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