10 August 2019 - 14:03
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Reverse Engineering Saves GOGPC up to Rls. 10b

TEHRAN (Shana) -- Utilizing the expertise of local experts and reverse engineers at Gachsaran Oil and Gas Production Company (GOGPC) resulted in saving Rls. 10 billion in the chemical laboratories of the company.

When it comes to exploiting and safeguarding the vast oil and gas resources of the country, the most important topic that arises after production is quality control in the production of final items.

In the history of the petroleum industry, quality control of petroleum and gas products is one of the most prominent tasks of oil companies across the globe including our country. At the Department of Chemical Studies and Quality Control Laboratories, the main focus is on assessing the quality control of crude oil and decomposition of associated gases produced from different fields.

The chemical laboratories of GOGPC resort to the state-of-the-art technologies in order to analyze the quality of crude oil and natural gas produced in the company, the head of Gachsaran Chemical Laboratories, Feizullah Zahed, said.

Faizullah Zahed added: “In the latest research project in the field of gas analysis, especially by using gas chromatographs, Gachsaran Chemical Laboratory engineers were able to reverse engineer the SCD set of ozone (O3) in gas chromatography unit which was one of the most important parts of sulfur compounds in fluid analysis.”

The official said a number of the specialists in this department, through electronic courses along with their specialized work, were able to take an effective step in restoring and repairing some of the old parts of this machine by relying on their knowledge. The step was also a commendable move in making this device usable for currency savings.

News ID 291909


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