30 October 2017 - 15:47
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Austria's ILF Seeks Long-term Presence in Iran

TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (Shana) – The head of projects business unit upstream of Austria's Ilf Consulting Engineers Helge Hoeft says his company wishes to establish itself a long-term foothold in the Iranian oil and gas market and has therefore established a permanent office in Tehran, Iran to act as the focal point of contact with Iranian partners and clients.

Speaking to Shana on the side-lines of the 1st Austrian Technology Transfer Symposium for Enhanced Oil Recovery by Using Treated Water, Mr. Hoeft emphasized that ILF is always striving for long-term cooperation.

"We are not here for doing one project with one client. We do see that there is a requirement for Iranian oilfield developments, particularly the mature oilfields, to get some outside resources, mainly based on international expertise. Not only because there may not be enough capabilities inside the country right now, but also in order to comply with international investment requirements. This is where ILF is able to provide value to Iranian clients to ensure that the right field developments measures are taking place. "

"Our engagement is also based on previous very good Austrian and German-Iranian relations," he said.

Asked where the company has any plans for direct investment in Iran, he said: "We are an engineering company and consulting firm. We can support clients in achieving finance with preparation of the required engineering and technical documentation, however. An investor intending to invest in a project in Iran needs assurances that the project is financially sustainable. It is therefore essential to specifically focus on taking the right decisions and steps the early phases of project development, such as investing in internationally accepted Bankable Feasibility Studies, MDP etc., allowing banks and financiers to evaluate in which project to invest and to create trust.

Regarding the history of ILF'S presence in Iran, Mr. Hoeft said: "ILF has permanently been present in Iran since 1975, and even were actively involved in water and wastewater treatment projects. ILF did not leave the country as a company during the challenging times of the sanctions, despite the fact that we had to leave the oil and gas business. We believe in the potential of the Iranian market, and have therefore also invested by establishing ILF Consulting Engineers Pars (PJSC), as regional centre of ILF in the Iranian market.

Asked about the outlook of cooperation in Iran, he said, "We are optimistic and have therefore invested by establishing ILF Consulting Engineers Pars (PJSC), as regional centre of ILF in the Iranian market.

He also expressed optimism that they would get the message across of what ILF can achieve with local companies in Iran.

"The goal is long-term presence and the goal is to ensure that the money goes in the right investments and the right projects."

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News Code 279322

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