TEHRAN – Strict punishment of violators was an important order that was issued by Minister of Petroleum Seyed Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh to bolster internal inspections and audits of oil industry’s performance.

ISNA news agency has published a report on the ministry’s performance, a summary of which follows.

Restoring inspection system of the oil industry at all subsidiary companies of the Ministry of Petroleum as well as reengineering inspection organization of the oil industry according to manpower resources, commercial relations and contracts were among the most important issues put on the agenda of the Ministry of Petroleum by the ninth government.

 A case of violation in the National Iranian Gas Company pertained to one of the contactors that had not observed its legal obligations for delivery of needed goods, which was referred to judicial authorities.

A case of violations in sports affairs of the National Iranian Oil Company was also investigated and referred to the board in charge of seeing into administrative violations.

Other violations that were investigated were related to construction of a refinery, the EP project for building a gas compression station, a construction contract, taking advantage of purchase engineers with regard to design and purchase services and the contract signed for management of an MC project.

ISNA also reported that some violations had led to cancellation of tender bids including a tender bids launched by the National Iranian Central Oil Company and Gas Engineering and Development Company. In the first case a certificate of qualifications had been forged by the contractor and the second case was related to transport of pipeline for one of the country’s national gas lines.

Violations pertaining to the petrochemical sector during 18 months that ended in March were related to International Commerce Company and Iran Petrochemical Commerce Company. The International Commerce Company had violated on holding a tender bid related to transport operations. The oil minister ordered that the previous bid should be enforced and operations were given to Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines.

Violations detected at Iran Petrochemical Commerce Company were of financial and managerial nature, which were referred to Ministry of Intelligence.

Investigations in a subsidiary of the National Iranian South Oil Company led to replacement of violators and they were referred to judicial authorities.

Two violations were detected at National Iranian Offshore Oil Company with regard to a tender bid launched for the maintenance and steering one of the company’s platforms. Another case was related to tender bid formalities and the implementation of a developmental project. The first tender bid was confirmed, but the second one was referred to the board seeing into administrative violations.

Also, a violation was discovered at Pars Oil and Gas Company with regard to purchasing 156 items of spare parts for building an electricity post, which led to cessation of purchases until the case was reviewed by the relevant authorities of National Iranian Central Oil Company and one of the related tender bids was made null and void.

According to the report, there was a case at the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company with regard to incompatibility between the result of tests on an oil consignment done by laboratories of Abadan and Shiraz refineries and the Ministry of Petroleum proposed that a new and independent laboratory should be established.

The Iran Offshore Engineering and Construction Company was engaged in a case of financial difference with a foreign company and it was decided that both sides should refer to qualified court for the settlement of the dispute.

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