30 May 2007 - 12:07
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TEHRAN – The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) project of Hegmataneh Petrochemical Complex has progressed 58.8 percent.

Director of technical affairs of Hegmataneh Petrochemical Complex, Massoud Vahhabiyan noted that the project has progressed 8.07 percent in terms of engineering and technical know-how, 39.86 percent in terms of logistics, and 8.39 percent in terms of construction.

He added that the contractor for installing equipment has not yet been chosen and will be announced by the board of directors.

The official further noted that installing spherical tanks is under way and are being assembled. “At present, lower hemispheres have been installed and upper hemispheres will be installed later.”

He said construction of spherical tanks has progressed 25 percent.

Vahhabiyan stated that electricity post of the complex is going through final stages, adding, “The needed equipment is being installed and the post will be ready in the next month.”

The official noted that operations are progressing smoothly and the complex will be inaugurated next year.

“There is no problem in terms for utility and feedstock. The needed feed will be provided by the National Petrochemical Company and part of the utility (including water) will be supplied by the complex and the rest will be taken from national gas and electricity networks,” he said.

Pars Special Economic Energy Zone Organization is building Hegmataneh Petrochemical Complex, including its PVC plant, in Hamedan province. The complex will produce 39,600 tons products including 30,600 tons PVC powder medical grade and 9,000 tons PVC granules per year.

About 33 percent of the PVC plant belongs to the National Petrochemical Company, while the private sector and Italy’s IGS own 57 percent, and 10 percent of the plant, respectively.

The value of Hegmataneh Petrochemical Complex’s products has been estimated at 40 million dollars a year.

Needed feed for Hegmataneh Petrochemical Complex is VCM (vinyl chloride monomer). According to negotiations with the National Petrochemical Company (before establishing the complex), the National Petrochemical Company will supply needed feed to Hegmataneh Petrochemical Complex from three petrochemical complexes that are affiliated to the Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex, Arvand Petrochemical Complex, and Ghadir Petrochemical Complex.

News Code 105939

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