8 May 2007 - 13:27
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Iran to Host 1st Intl. Corrosion Congress May 14-17

TEHRAN – Iranian Corrosion Association (ICA) will hold the Corrosion/2007; ICA International Congress (ICIC) -- the first ICA International Corrosion Congress and the 10th National Corrosion Congress -- at the Olympic Hotel in western Tehran from May 14 to 17.

The ICA head said, “In addition to local researchers, their opposite numbers from eight foreign countries will attend the international meet and related workshops.”

Rahmanian added the association was founded in 1992 and had so far hosted nine congresses.

Up to now, 200 articles have been sent to the congress secretariat, said the official.

The organizing committee has invited the world leaders of corrosion science and technology to the ICIC that will be followed by a series of practical workshops on May 16 and 17.

Bijan Kermani, the committee chairman said, “We have a very exciting congress planned to facilitate lively interactions, allowing information exchange and knowledge partnership between those involved in the corrosion community worldwide. ICIC will combine many of the past successes in corrosion science and engineering with innovations to address challenges facing the industry and society.

“We are expecting key academics and industrialists of world fame to participate. There will be sessions bringing industrial activities close to scientific and engineering disciplines on oil, gas and energy, power generation, refinery, petrochemical and gas processing, natural environments, frontiers of corrosion, mitigating measures, infrastructures, the impact on health, safety, security and the environment, and applied elements.

“The technical sessions of the congress will include plenary and keynote speeches, oral and poster presentations. All sessions will be focused on the theme of ‘understanding the past, challenging the present and establishing the future in corrosion management’.

“Those involved in the world of corrosion, integrity management and mitigating measures including industrialists, scientists, engineers, technologists, service providers and others involved in all aspects of corrosion control and management are encouraged to attend. Information on ICIC and relevant workshop will be available soon.”

Hereunder come the topics of the congress:

Corrosion in oil and gas industries: Covering, materials, inhibition, coating, integrity management, water management

Corrosion in power plants: Covering, materials, high temperature oxidation, corrosion mitigating measures, water treatment

Corrosion in refining and petrochemical industries: Covering: materials, coatings, inhibition, risk based inspection, corrosion mitigating measures, remnant life assessment, integrity management, water treatment, high temperature corrosion

Corrosion in natural environments: Covering, marine corrosion, atmospheric corrosion, microbial corrosion

Corrosion of infrastructures: Covering, corrosion in concrete, inhibition, mitigating measures

Frontiers of corrosion: covering: corrosion science & engineering, advance materials & coatings, technologies and innovations in progress

Nanotechnology in corrosion and protection: Covering, surface engineering, coatings, materials modifications and mitigating measures

Impact on health, safety, the environments, and economy: Covering, green operations, financial impact of corrosion, environmental issues

Mitigation measures: Covering, cathodic protection techniques, integrity management, corrosion monitoring, coatings and non-metallics

Applied elements and practical aspects: Covering, testing and evaluation, techniques and technologies, case studies  

News Code 104125

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