22 May 2024 - 11:47
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Novak Expresses Condolences on Behalf of Russia

SHANA (Tehran) - During a phone call with the Iranian Minister of Petroleum on Tuesday; Alexandre Novak, deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation expressed his condolences on the tragic loss of the Iranian president Ayatollah Ibrahim Raisi.

Alexandre Novak also expressed sympathy with the Iranian people and bereaved families of the chopper crash incident calling late president Ibrahim Raisi as a patriotic, national and influential person played a great role in promoting the place of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the world scene.

“The incident of tragic loss of Ibrahim Raisi was very saddening for me because of close collaboration; so his memory will remain alive in Russia forever.” The Russian official said.   

Iran and Russia relations will be expanded further against the will of those who are against expanding the two countries bilateral relations, Novak added.

He called on the Iranian minister of petroleum, Javad Owji,  to convey his sympathy to the president and other deceased relatives as well.

The incident of the tragic loss of Ibrahim Raisi is catastrophic for Iranian people as well as friendly and neighboring countries like Russia, Novak said.

In response, Javad Owji thanked Russian people and officials for expressing their sympathy with Iranian people saying he will convey the message of condolence to the bereaved families on behalf of Novak and other Russian officials.   

Owji continued: Ibrahim Raisi was a very outstanding personality in view of promoting relations with other countries including Russia and could play a unique role in expanding Iran’s economic ties with other countries.

“The roadmap drawn by the late president will be followed without any disruption in view of boosting Iran’s strategic cooperation with other countries even though his absence is very hard and unbelievable for us as the persons who worked closely with him, so we are praying God to give us the patience to tolerate the grief.”, Iranian minister of petroleum said.  

Iranian president, Irbrahim Raisi, and 7 others on board, lost their lives during a chopper crash incident in northwest Iran. He was returning from an inauguration ceremony in which he and his counterpart from Azerbaijan Republic, Ilham Alyev,  opened a dam on Aras River steaming along the common border on 19 May. 

News ID 642100


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